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What People are Saying

"Brian reopened to the communication in my own head - through my heart."


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Accounting Powerhouse – Brings in  Marketing GURU BRIAN HOLLOWAY to share the

SECRET of Dynasty Crafting


Here’s what they are saying about BRIAN HOLLOWAY

“Most inspirational and thought provoking presentation I’ve ever heard. Great Job!!”  Rick Stein, CEO, COO, UHY Advisors, Houston, TX

“Awesome presentation. Unique ability to convey the message with stories that hit home for everyone.”  Doug Farrington, Hamden, CT

“Right on target.”  Paul Sabina, President, Oakland, NJ

“Loved it.”  Ravi Nayar, Managing Director, Southfield, MI

“Brian describes corporate culture and employee groups really well. Hits the nail on the head for success, passion and commitment!”  Paul Mueller, Houston, TX

“Really Good!”  Mark Peaches, Sr VP, Houston

“Thank you for your passion.”  Sharon DePalma, Marketing Director, Clifton, NJ

“Very, very meaningful and relevant to any organization.” Russell P. Minetti, Director/CEO, Oakland, NJ

“Excellent!”  Alan Lund

“You captured the audience. All of us need to set high standards for ourselves.”

“The concept of PLAYMAKER was great.”  Ron Vollmar, Managing Director, Houston, TX

“Excellent message – very inspirational”  Don Patterson, Principal, Southfield, MI

“Motivational yet down to earth. Wasn’t preaching – just sharing. Great message for our origination while we are in flux.”  Dana Faxio, Dir of Human resources, NY, NY

‘Great message that plays well in business.”  Rick Banta, Principal, Dallas, TX

“Great speech – on point!!”  Tony Scillia, Partner, New haven CT

“Awesome motivational speaker!!”

“Brian’s program was very inspirational and entertaining.  It was a real pleasure to listen to him.”  Paul Schiano, Managing Director, St. Louis, MO

“Brian’s real life approach to corporate America is truly refreshing!! No recreating the wheel. Good old accountability and passion!”  Debi Ritter, Director of HR, Sterling Heights, MI

“The vision of Montana capturing the edge by throwing with his eyes closed – and expecting success is empowering.”  Larry Porschen, Managing Partner, St. Louis, MO

“One of the best presentation I’ve seen in years. I could relate to Brian’s stories on many levels.”  Kevin McCarthy, Business Development Manager, Melrose, MA

“I would love to hear more…”  Scott earls, Principal, Canton, MI

“Great program!”  H.Brenke

“Brian’s perspective is very insightful as it relates to our firm and our people.”  Jeff Rosenbaum, Managing Director, Albany, NY

“Enjoyed Brian’s reference to his family. Made presentation very personal – which I could relate to.”  desperadoFord

“You are inspiring!! And the life changing event is a powerful optimism that must be carried to benefit the TEAM.” 

“Very inspirational and insightful. Enjoyed listening and learning about some of your life’s journey.”  Dan Felstow, Sterling Heights, MI

“Used football as a great metaphor for a winning business – well spoken, inspiring.”  Tom Wilson, Managing Director, Houston, TX

“Nice job. Nice stories.