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What People are Saying

"Unexpectedly, yet extraordinary, interesting and make much sense to my daily activities."


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SPRINTPCS - - Fortune 500 Giant!

Turns Up The Power – Brings “PLAYMAKER

Brian Holloway in to Get The Job Done!


Here’s what they are saying about Brian Holloway:

“Great! Lots of laughs.  Great to take back to my team.” Shandel Bearer, Retail Store Manager, Virginal Beach, VA

“Brian’s program was awesome and energetic – I am a father of 5 with 4 girls.”  Patrick Gulley, Regional Store Manager, Bristow, VA

“Brian was awesome.”  James Hughes, Store Manager, Walkersville, MA

“Brian was great.”  Tracy Slater, Retail Manager, Burtonsville, MD

“Brian was very engaging. His real world experience hit a chord with me, through laughter, wit and conviction.”  Jon Holland, Store Manager, Richmond, VA

“Full of energy & fun – inspiring!”  Penny Wright, Store Manager, Richmond, VA

“He was entertaining, well spoken and uplifting. He kept me interested and I can apply his message with my TEAM everyday.”   Dave Pacifica, RSTORE MANAGER, W. Caldwell, NJ

“Awesome…Thanks for a great speech.”   Chris Hargrove, Regional Store Manager, Syosset, NY

“Impassioned and exciting inspirational speaker.”  Michael Dougherty, Manager Sprint PSC, Medford, MA

“Very energetic and animated. He kept the audience in tune with his speech from start to finish.”  Chad Binnal, Regional Store Manager, Braintree, MA

“Brian’s passion is clear in everything – from his voice inflections to the color of his jacket.”  Michael Pelligrin, Store Manager, Watertown, MA

“Brian relates real world situations in a fun, positive and energetic way.”  Larry Bogess, STORE MANAGER, Alexandria, VA

“Very funny and inspirational...Brian kept us interested and related all stories to sales.”  James Owens,  Manager, NY, NY

“One of the best motivational speakers I have heard.  Very energetic and passionate. Worthwhile to attend – good take always.”  Vincent Buongionvannis, Performance Ops Manager, Berlin, NJ

“Brian’s presentation and enthusiasm was awesome.” Joe Faust, STORE MANAGER, Westchester, PA

“Powerful & Motivating.”  Mike Haas, Manager, Newark, De

“A man who can look inward to laugh at himself, to laugh with the crowd laughing at him – and then recall the story warmly – that’s an inspirational man.”  Robert Laugin, STORE MANAGER, Wynnewood, PA

“Brian was great! Thank you!”  Brian Nardini, Regional Store Manager, Bryn Mawr, PA

“Brian was motivating and energetic.  His stories made me laugh and encouraged me to work harder and not give up.”  Kathleen Angeli, Regional Store Manager, Chalfont, PA

“Things happen when you play with your heart and your soul.”  Cary Taylor, Store Manager, Amherst, NY

“You put my job into better perspective.” Lee Giller, Store Manager, NY, NY

“Got my full attention.”  Mario Clavijo, Sprint PCS Manager, Astoria, NY

“Too short, hope we can hear more and more valuable experiences.”  Neo Dionglay, Store Manager, Cherry Hill, NJ

“Encouraging – motivating, Inspiring – he makes the ground      shake!”  Carol Fitzgerald, Manager, King George, VA

“Awesome – sometimes we all need to be reminded that there are obstacles.  It is what we chose to do with it – to play to win.”  Peggy Store, Store Manager, Laden, NJ

“Appreciate it, thoughts matter – actions count more than words.  Brian reminded me the opportunity that we have been given but only my effort combined with the will of others who helped me overcome challenges.”  Jeff Herman, S Regional Store Manager, Scarborough, ME

“Great enthusiasm.”  Otis Butler III, Regional Store Manager, Newburyport, MA

“High energy that gave me chills. Completely Inspirational.”  John Gore, Store Manager, Merrimack, NH

“Very motivational, communicates his message effectively and keeps interest.” Brian Theriault, Manager, N. Andover, MA

“Brian gave an energizing talk – he brought real stories full circle to give a lesson that could be applied to business. Thank you.”   James Theriault, Manager, Newington, CT

“Brian was energetic, positive and makes you feel you can achieve if you believe.”  Kelly Gabriel, Regional Store Manager, Williamstown, NJ

“Very inspiring. The use of his own experiences, very, very nice.”  John Birranoski, Jr, Regional Store Manager, Oakmont, PA

“Brian gave a wonderful performance. I have listened to many speakers in my life – he is one of the greatest.”  Scott Close, Toronto, OH

“Honest – Real.  Made me want to be better. Just Better.” Marc Lash, Norwalk, CT

“Brian is one of the best speakers I have ever heard in a function. He is very motivational and has a great approach when dealing with people.”  Tonetica Sanchez, Regional Store Manager, Bridgeport, CT

“The best speaker we have had at any function – the stories were funny, engaging and illustrated what it takes to be successful.  Thanks.”   David Bernier, Store Manager, Meriden, CT

“Don’t let anyone tell you that you won’t amount to anything – if you have aspirations and set goals for yourself and have the determination, you can do anything.”  Stacey Kernigan, Manager, Bronx, NY

“Brian tells great stories a lot about overcoming adversity.”  Pete Nicolas, Store manger, Branford, Ct

“My new motto – I will not live by someone else’s design for my life.”  Preston Figueroa, Regional Store Manager, West Springfield, MA

“Brian inspired me to continue being a believer.”  Errol Flynn, Regional Store Manager, Newington, CT

“I tried out for the practice squad with Jets and to hear you speak – opened my eyes of my dreams.”  Robert W. Rigsbee, Jr, Manager, Islip, NY

“Brian is an inspirational speaker who gave me the added excitement needed to be the best coach of my store and my new TEAM.”  Linda Daley, Store Manager, Greensburg, PA

“It was funny, inspiring, unique, thought provoking.”  Joelle Mendicino, Store Manager, McKeesport, PA

“I think Brian has been the best guest speaker Sprint has ever had.  In addition he is the best I have every listened to” Julian Ancion, Regional Store Manager, Brooklyn, NY

“Brian is by far the best motivational speaker that I have seen here in my 7 years at Sprint PCS.  His words were encouraging, motivating and uplifting. Play to Win”  

        Michael Redd, Store Manager, NY, NY

“Brian was genuine & spoke form the heart – which made his program very inspirational. He reviewed the basics for winning that are applied to what we do everyday!”  Laura McLaughlin, Retail Director, Glen Head, NY

“I love the PlayMaker Theme in Brian’s Program.  I have a staff of over 10 employees that are young and could very easily relate to that terminology.”  Paul Grod, Manager, Hackensack, NJ

“Brian is entreating and exciting to hear!  Trust me, on one hour sleep, he captured my attention.”  John J. Oneill, Marketing Manager, NY, NY

”Brian inspired me to continue being a believer.” Errol Flynn, Regional Store Manager,
Newington, CT


“Brian was motivating and energetic. His stories made me laugh and encouraged me to work hard and not give up.”  Kathleen Angeli, Retail Sales Manager,

“Engaging, energetic, funny and thought provoking – gets the point across in a real life easy to understand delivery.”  David Miller, Store Manger, Sterling, VA

“So, so funny! You make someone feel good about herself/himself with your enthusiasm, Store Manager and spirit.”  Samantha Atkins, Marketing Analyst, Bethesda, Md

“Pumped to pass on the motivations!!”  Victor Paradise, Store Manager, NY, NY

“Presentation was engaging, fun and motivational You show how believing in yourself can make you achieve your dreams.  Thank you!”  Jan Burgas, Store Manager, Williamstown, NJ

“I enjoyed listening to your presentation today.  I took away the message that I can make the change.  I can control the outcome of my destiny.  Thank you.”  Allison Pinchek, GM, Whitehall, PA

Open to close – kept me at full attention...can implement program to my everyday trials, both professionally and personally.”   Chris Devacruzt, Store Manager,

“A very powerful and compelling presentation.” 

 Clemet Ezeamii, Store Manager, NY, NY

“Awesome energy!”  Shane Kayser, Manager, Lindquist, NY

“Very good Inspiration, very sincere to hear your motivation and experiences.”  Stuart Schettler, Store Manager, Depew, NY

“Inspirational, Amusing. Moving.”  Dana Brickman, Store Manager, East Meadow, NY

“Very motivational – makes you realize that the commitment comes from inside & how to arise above what people think you can not do.”  Michael Lanbiaso, Store Manager, Pikeville Center, NY

“I thought the motivational speech was funny and informative.  I am a football fan.  Keep up the great job.  I would give you a ten but then you would be perfect.”  Michele Gamble, Manager, Sag Harbor, Me

“Uplifting stories from the heart – makes an impersonal presentation – personal.” Karen Brown, Store Manager, Holmdel, NJ

“The best speaker I have ever had the pleasure to see.”  Shane Trudeau, Regional Store Manager, Manchester, CT

“Very inspirational!”  Beth Yannessa, Store Manager, Pgh, PA

“Ready to run through walls.”  Kevin Krob, Store Manager, Pittsburgh, PA

“Brian was outstanding in his presentation extremely good at motivation.” Scott North, Store Manager, Media, PA

“Brian was very good and spoke from the heart and really connected with the crowd.” Kyle Benken, Store Manager

“Fantastic. Riveting. Truly Entertaining and inspirational. Thank you!”  Karl Delorio, Retail Sales Manager, Milford, CT

“What a great speech!  Brian’s stories really made me think about “Playing to win.”  Teresa Hamilton, Marketing Analyst, Beaver, PA

“Brian’s presentation was motivating and filled with energy.”  Amanda Bahari, Store Manager, Savage, MD

“Great motivational speech! Brian has natural talent and does a great job of mixing motivation with personal stories.”  Martona Busch, Area Retail Director, Fairfax, VA

“Brian did a nice job of personalizing his comments to our company and business.” Connie Messiner, Performance Ops Manager, Fairfax, VA

“I thought Brian was insightful, inspirational and charismatic. I learned from him and will surely bring back this enthusiasm to my TEAM.”  Jay Ward, Store Manager, Woburn, MA

”The man is fired up!!”  Michael Sanetti, Store Manager,
Eatontown, NJ

“Brian is a born motivator who also played football, not a football player that later became a speaker.”  Ross Clinton, Store Manger, Manassas, VA

“Brian touched me with his spirit of life.”  Bill Seabright, Store Manager, Virginia Beach, VA

“The presentation was great! Very motivational – reminded me that I can motivate my TEAM members – it’s up to me to do it positively.”  Lisa LeClere, Store Manager, McLean VA