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Visioneering Productions
What People are Saying

“10 +++! -- Sign me up and I want to be a TEAMPLAYER with Brian.”


Siemens Puts on the RITZ! for B2B Partners

Brings in NFL Best High Powered Champion –

Brian Holloway for Closing Keynote.

Here’s what they are saying about Brian Holloway,

“Very good – Brings out some good thought on being Great.”  Mike Bailey, VP of Technology, Murray, Ut

“You gave a lot of energy to the meeting thru your speech!  Thanks you for coming.”  Carol Meal

“Perfect for our industry.”  Ken Osborne, Service Sales, Litchfield, AZ

“Brian does a wonderful job of helping everyone in the audience dig down deep into the leader in him  or herself.”  Liz Jacobs, Director Marketing, Siemens HVP

“Moving, very inspirational. Thank you.”  Steve Monkiewicz, Business Development,

“Outstanding – great speaker. A must hear!”  Dan Beyetto, Sales Manager, Scottsdale, AZ

“Short but very effective.”

“Extremely Lively!”  Jeffrey Tobias, Engineering Manager, LI, NY

“Captivating! Entertaining and very inspiring. VICI!!”  Holly Tobias, S. Huntings, MI

“I can identify with the ride, some how at the end of the day, I say thank you for blessing me so much!”  Chuck Goerlity, Mar/Sales, Livonia, MI

“Very motivation speech, Brian brings to life there is no underdog. He is a someone who captivates a crowd.” Rick barker, Project Manager, Canton, MI

“You are very inspirational” Terry Loopier, PresidentVan Buren, AR

“Very inspirational, loved the way family was woven into the message.”  Kevin Krouch, Regional Manager, Buffalo Grove, IL

“Important. Interesting formula on TEAM players of strategies.”  Steve Hewn, Ft. Dodge, IA

“Motivational.”  Bill Skotis, Operations Manager, Salem, NH

“Very captivating.”  Kevin Winters, CEO, Baltimore, MD

“Humorous – Hit the mark!”  Greg Griffin, Service Manager, Memphis, TN

“An amazing speaker, such an interesting message of what it take to make a successful team.”  Tim Buckner, Applications Engineer, Chattanooga, TN

“Extremely Powerful.”  Rainier Theodoratos, Richmond Hill, ON

“Refreshing approach, very good!”  Paul Oswald, President, Waukesha, WI

“Very inspirational.” Gary Bales, Sales, Denver

“Very inspiring!”  Paul Barguest, Engineer Manager, Denver, Co

“Teamwork is success!”  Samuel T. Brown, Owner, Laurel Hollow, NY

“Brian reaches the audience on a person to person basis.”  Bill Gausman, manager, System one Center.” Andover, MN

“Very motivational.” Dave Taylor, Controls Manager, Green Bay, Wi

“Key business message put in words – and thoughts, understandable by all!”  Chuck Dollar, Siemens,

“Extremely dynamic, motivational speaker.” Terry Terebessy, Radon, CA

“Very good.”  Mitch Hand, Branch Manager, Clarkston, VA

“Great speaker. Very motivational and quite an interesting entertainer, Thank you, Brian!”  Bill Ruslink, Control Engineer, Tyler, TX

“It was great. Enjoyed it thoroughly.”  Don Ferrell, Automation Specialist, Tyler, TX

“Enjoyed his presentation – very motivating.”  Will Podborski, Product Manager, Kenosha, WI

“Very Empowering!  The reference to real life situations and how things relate to the type of people we are and what we can be was great!”  Mark Myers, VP Operations, Lancaster, PA

“Your matrix on VICI DNA of Championship TEAM – was a perfect fit.”  Myork

“Awesome!”  Bob Krout, Sr. Sales Engineer, Falls Church, VA

Powerful”  Darin
Hurne, Newington, CT

“Enjoyed to concept of VICI!”  Jerry Jannielli, President, Ballston Sp, NY