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“Brian inspired me to take action and make it happen.”


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Here’s what they are saying about Brian Holloway

“Not only inspirational but moving as well.  I teared up when Brian talked about how he was told at an early age in school he would not succeed, while the proof of that assumptions being wrong – and here he is standing in front of me. Great Job!”  Russell Ramos, Salesman, Newman, Ca

“Great stuff!!!”  David e. Putney, Refrigeration Tech Supervisor, Cedartown, GA

“Brian you were very inspirational! We are a young company and I hope to be able to take your ideology back to my world!”  Wayne Vander Gazien, Sales Engineer, Randolph, WI

“Special Integrity. Dynamic. Inspirational. Powerful.  I call it  Real Life” Thanks.”  Jim Barron, RETA Certification Chair, Jefferson, Or

“I appreciate all he had to say – really brought the thing home…encouraged me to do what it takes to be that PLAYMAKER”   Glover B. Wight, IV, Service Tech, Ft. Wayne, In

“Brian was an inspirational speaker which motivates the listener to go and make things happen – encouraging and enlightening.”  Paul Gambardella, Project Manager, Service Manager, Shelton, CT

“Invigorating.”  Thomas Quick, Project Manager, St. Augustine, FL

“Thanks. I enjoyed it…very much!”  Artie Farley, Treasure, Attala, FL

“You’re great”  Todd Metsker, Applications Engineer, Broadview, IL

“I never knew that all the times I ran into that wall, over and over again, when I was done – I was still standing.”  I was a PLAYMAKER!”  George Tichi, OEM Account Manager, Pittsburgh, PA

“Very, Very. Inspiring.”  Scott Godfrey, Service Tech, Garfield, WI

“Great Inspiration!!”  Fred Anderson, VP Operations, McNomdndo Falls, WI

“I thought Brian was Great! He told great true life stories that inspired many of us to be more successful with our lives – to become PLAYMAKRS.”  Mike Worms, St. Paul, MN

“Inspiring.”  Dave Murphy, E. Berlin, PA

Jeff Welch, President/Owner Freeze-Pro, Inc, Orange park, Fl

“Excellent Speaker – great choice for our organization.”  Mark Lowey, Division VP – The Stellar Group, Jacksonville, FL

“Great!  Very appropriate, right on target.”  Mark Boomer, Pasadena, MD

“Excellent Motivation”  Wayne D. Davis, Sales Engineer, York, PA

“Excellent speaker, great mixture of NFL and Business strategy.”  Jeff Williams, VP, Callahan, FL

“Just Great Don LaVangie, sales Manager, Ponte Vedra, Fl

“Enjoyed and can relate to the roller coaster story and how it relates to life.”  Otto Gartner, VP, Plymouth, MN

“Brian’s talk reminded me of the Apollo XII crisis – “Failure is not an option.”  Gordon Gilmer, Refrigeration Operator, Algona, WA

“Awesome! Very inspiring.”  Maria Monge, Principal Consultant, Mission Viejo, CA

“Great Job!  PLAYMAKER!”  Randy Williams, Owner, garden City, KS

“Very well spoken – good lob!”  Jim Peterson, engineer, Jacksonville, Fl

“Very Inspiring.  Like hearing the business perspective.”

“Very inspiring and motivational.  Appreciated insights on life roller coaster and how you have to keep going after you hit the concrete pylon – to develop a PLAYMAKER attitude.”  Jim Price, Sr. Project Coordinator, Arlington, TX

“Great Energetic Speaker.”  Bill Tipperreiter, Sales Rep, Brook Field, IL

“Good program, very motivational.”  Jamey Price, Safety manager, Fort worth, TX

“Fun and to the point!”  Preston Bloy

“Inspiring and entertaining.” Don Juliet, Project Manager, Mission Viejo, CA

“Informative, Inspirational and entertaining. Business knowledge and experience couple with NFL experience that directly relates.”  Tim Williams, Jay, Fl

“Brian is a great motivator.” Todd Hendrickson, VP  Construction, Plymouth, Mn

“Very gifted speaker.” Tim Kohrs, Menallag, MN

“Anecdote from NFL draw great parallels to business environment. Very entertaining and relevant.”   Lisa Trypon, Marketing Manager, Baltimore, MD

Inspiring and realistic. I need to hear this.”  Barbara hanks, Service Editor, Hamtramck, MI

“A very motivating program.” John Hendrickson, Plymouth, MN

“Very engaging and entertaining.”  Denise Turner, Sales Engineer, Richmond, VA

“Very enjoyable – a good balance between NFL and family reference – everyone could relate.”  Lee Pyle, Program manager, San Marcos, CA

“Very motivating and enjoyable.”  Jim Campa, Manager, Soledad, CA

“A powerful message does not have to be delivered in a serious or ceremonious way – to be understood and effective.”  Renato C. Olivera, Refrigeration Tech

“Thank you are a great speaker.” Pablo Escarcego, Refrigeration, Tech Soledad, CA

“Very inspiring presentation.

“Awesome presentation – very inspirational.”  Thomas Aurich, Refrigeration Group Manager, Ft. Wayne, IN

“Great advice – what was spoken hit home more personally than work related – thanks for the encouragement to push forward.”  Bob Miller, Field Supervisor, Buffalo, NY

“It was great.”  Mark Butkus, Project Manager, Tampa, Fl

“Incredibly uplifting, entertaining and right on target.”  Vicki Hallmann, Sr. Compliance Specialist, Jacksonville, Fl

“Excellent program – I always find it fascinating to see despite the fact of adverse issues that have happened in the past – that people excel above the  expectations of others.”  Doug Sticker, Refrigeration Designer, Erlander, Ky

“Excellent – Thought Provoking.”  Glen B. Schrot, Industrial Sales Engineer, Hartford, WI

“Playmaker is not a person but an attitude.”  Hunt, Lynchburg, VA

“Very powerful and encouraging.”  Joe Bollinger, Reinhold’s, PA

Your bring us back to the fact – that this is all about money – it is the reason we are here.”  Paul Bishop, Gm