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What People are Saying

“Very powerful and honest – that makes it real.”

Pacific Life  

PACIFIC LIFE!  Brings In High Powered!

BRIAN HOLLOWAY For Annual Sales Rally


Here’s what they had to say about Brian Holloway      

“Brian’s passion for motivating and capturing his audience keeps you in the edge of your seat.”  Joann Bornstein, Senior Sales Associate, Huntington Beach, Ca

“Thank you.  You gave us more than we asked for – You gave us what we needed.”  Chris May, Sales Support Manager, Irvine

Like most sales people we are always looking for ways to increase business.  Brian reminded me again how much more we receive when we give first from the heart.

 Lynn Argenbright, Sr. Sales Rep, Cockeysville, MD

“Very Thought-Provoking, Informative and Insightful.”  Linda Davis, Sales Rep, Roswell, GA

“All I can say is BIG – BIG heart, Big on inspiration, Big on what’s real.   Thanks for being BIG – Brilliant, Insightful, Goal Inspiring.  Thanks!”   Marty Smith


“Your presentation was excellent. Very motivating, inspiring!”   Karen Boutros, Sr. Sales Associate, Naperville, IL

“Applicable! Important.  I usually dislike this part of the seminar – it is entertainment for the moment – You gave me value…something to walk away with.  Thank you.”  Diane Lowderback, Irvine, CA

“Very Positive and Motivating.”  Mary McGraff


“Very Inspiring, thank you very much for your time.”  Eric Caughern, Sr, Sales Rep, Huntington Beach, CA

“Brian showed me adversity should propel me forward not backward.  Thank you”   Julie Thompson, Sr. Sales Rep, Yorba Linda, CA

“On Target Insight – well prepared and presented.” Don Johnson, AVP Stop/Loss, Huntington Beach, CA

“Very Engaging and Humorous.” Palm Keener, Sales Rep, Denver, Col

“Brian has a Contagious Enthusiasm and Genuine Caring for his Audience.”  Kathy Greer, Sales Rep, Collinsville, TN

“Sincere, Substantive tools that I can use to building business.”  Ed White, Sr. Sales Rep, Hoffman EstatesIL

“Outstanding!”   Karen Hatte, Assoc Sales Mgr, Cincinnati, OH

“Brian had great energy!  Really enjoyed his program.”  Megan Glenn, Sales Ex, Charlotte, NC

“Huge! Winner, Very Inspiring.”   Nicole Risher, Sales Rep, Tampa, FL

“Something New – made me think of how to get to the next level.”  Don Jones, Regional Sales Manager, Houston, TX

“Funny...Relevant.”  Lori Gibson, Sales Executive, Plano, TX

“Thank you for the reminder of  the need to mentor clients – I usually use this, but should use it more.”  Jill Van Winkle, Regional Sales, Director, Cincinnati, OH

 “Very Inspirational.”  Kelly Toole, Sales Rep, Town & Country, MO

“Powerful and Inspiring.  Thought Provoking.”  Barbara McKinnen,

Totally Inspirational.”  Ted Libernini, Sales Executive, Tampa, FL

“Very helpful to my professional growth and development.”  John Rothstein, Regional Sales Manager, Phoenix, AZ

“Dynamic presentation,  Brian is a positive thinker and has a great attitude.”  Sara Garcia, Sr. Sales Rep, Plano, TX

“Awesome Speaker!”   Lanettte King, Sales Associates, Milford, OH

Motivating and Exciting.” Rhonda Cline, Account Executive, Powder Springs, GA

“Brian is Genuine and Passionate.”  Melody Wood, Sales Executive, Cumming, GA

“Brian’s energy and vision was a great asset to take home with me as a send off from our annual meeting.”  Brian Martin, Large Group- Sales executive, Denver