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"It was great!"



Nike employs approximately 23,000 people worldwide, Nike reported revenues of $10.7 billion, an 8 percent increase from FY'02. The best year of the company's 31-year history.

Here’s what they are saying about Brian Holloway:

“Excellent – enjoyed it very much.”  Michael DiVirgilio, NYK Line, SVP, Secaucus, NJ

“Very inspiring.  Very motivational. Very enjoyable.” Lynda Berg, Retail Ventures, Inc.,   VP, Columbus, OH

“Wonderful. Brian has a gift for meeting his audience at their needs and serving them.”  Charley Hager, New Balance, Lawrence, MA

“Very spirited and meaningful.” Don Robinson, Hyundai Merchant Marine, VPDallas, TX

“Good enthusiasm. Humorous,  Good business relevancy.”  James Dunn, Maersk Sealand, Mgr., Portland, OR

“What a wonderful man and a pleasure to have met him.  His smile lights up the room.”  Chrissy Dickson, P&O Nedlloyd, Key Account Manager, Santa Ana, CA

“Strong. Interesting and Animated speaker.  Peggy Koyamatson, Inter Pacific Corp., VP Import traffic, Los Angeles, CA

“Excellent combination of motivation, and humor - very heartwarming – stories and anecdotes.”  Janet Carp, K Line America, Inc., General Sales Mgr., St. Louis, MO

“Brian’s presentation was outstanding. His dynamic delivery underscored every point – it was a pleasure.”  Chris GGL, SVP, Houston, TX

“Great speech – I like the playmaker concept!”   Les Peters, Interstate Intermodal, Inc., President, Secaucus, NJ,

“Great application – not just your typical ex-jock message – personal/professional parallel.” Mike Noone, Maersr Logistics, Sr. VP, Sparta, NJ

“Motivational, inspirational and hilariously funny.  Fantastic stories telling applicable to the challenges of today’s supply chain, I have an interest in your speaking, again.”  Shirley Justice, NIKE, Director, Inbound Supply Chain Ops,   Beaverton, OR

“What a wonderful speaker.  I was captivated at all times.”  Michelle Masells, ECCO USA Inc., Import/Export Mgr., Londonberry, NH

“You brought out my burning desire. It is clear that you have the passion and commitment of greatness – your presentation was very motivational.  Thank you.”   Tim Hoffman, Roadway Express, Corp Sales, Portland, OR

“Sincere.  Motivational – great Job!”  Ron Rac, Gilbert Cos., VP, Linden, NJ

“Spirit, desire, commitment…never quit.”   Rosemary Ng, China Shipping Container One, NE Regional Sales Mgr.Secaucus, NJ

“Warm, personal, focused and on-point.” Steve Waligh, Payless Shoe Source, VP-Lopistics, Topeka, KS

“Truthful – on the line – nose to nose.   Awesome!! Success shows the desire and determination.”   Rich Brown, US Xpress Enterprise, Reg VP Sales, Omaha, NE

“Great, great job!”   Beth Ranncharger, Scanwell, Mgr., Columbus, OH

The passion of your speech was insprational.”  John Kazmac, API Logistics, Director, Linecroft, NJ

“Great analogies and funny story telling to create a point which “we” can make a difference with a passionate belief even if we are alone.  Also loved the story about the daughters.”  Marold Kamai, FMI International, Corporate Director, Concord, CA

“Excellent. I will suggest a motivational speaker at our next sales meeting – never had one before – maybe it’s time!”  Irene Lawson, Consolidated Shoe Co.,  Import Direct, Lynchburg, VA

“Very good.”  Paul Cubby, Director, Secaucus, NJ

“Made me believe in my will to succeed.” Patty Wyatt, Ocanair, CHB, Winthrop, MA

“Great speech. Very good analogies and inspirational.  I wish my 10 year old son could have heard it.”  Rob Shepard, Reebok, Director Import Operations, Canton, MA

“Great presentation – real life challenges and opportunities.”  Wilma Powell, Port of Long Beach, Director, Long Beach, CA

“Brian’s speech was informative and very concise at no time did he lose the interest of his audience.”  Patric F. Oneil, China Shipping, Regional Manager, Lombard, IL

“Very good and funny.”  Ram Biassel, Brown Shoe, St. Louis, MO

Excllent Message. – You are right on!”   Rich DeCalune, P&O Medlloyd Logistic, Director, Mon Deleir, IL

“Thank you very much! – very good speech – good examples of life experiences.”  Danielle Bellorose, Xpress Global, Sales Manager, Lakeway, TX

“Motivational and upbeat.”   Lawrence Lew, Atsco Footwear, VP/Operations, Avon, MA

“Excellent! Energizing – Great message about not necessarily being smart, but by being motivated and hardworking you can be successful.”  Nanette De Santo, Greenwich, CT

“The teams that win are about something more.”  Mary LaRiviere, NIKE, Dir. Inbound Delivery, Beaverton, OR

“Dreams do come true. Thank you for reminding me.” Lori-Jo Fergle, Alpi USA Inc, VP, Elk Grove Village, IL

“Great enthusiasm and passion to be successful. Thank you.” Vincent Chiojo, Meriteth, Dir., Roswell, GA

“I think Brian had a lot of good things to say and I learned a lot about looking at things in a different angle.”  Brandy Eppley, Scanwell, Sales, Columbus, OH

“Drive and passion are the keys to success.”  Jeffrey Solomon, Director Logistics, Custom Compliance, Hackensack, NJ

“Using the term Play Makers is very good. I enjoyed the stories of you and could feel your passion for the subject – thank you!”   Leah Britlow, Nike, Director, Beaverson, OR

An inspiration to our way of making Teams win.”  Marc Mehl, E.S. Originals, NY,

“Very nice job. Thank you for making yourself available for talk, autographs and information.”   Sherry F. Bass, Interstate Distributor, CO,  Sales, Chattanooga, TN

“Imaginative & entertaining. Purely motivational.”  L. Lithgow, Fortune Footwear, Import Manager, New York, NY

“It was a great speech. The team building aspect really hit home.”  Trisha Morris, PUMA NA, Westford, MA

“Nicely done!”  Mike Rohrer, Interstate Dist. Co., National Accounts Manager, Tacoma, WA

“Great energy!”  Thank you.”  Donna Morrow, NIKE, Director Commerce Operations, Beaverton, OR

“Great job.”  Teryy Myers, Nike, Inc.,  Act Logistics Director, Beaverton, OR

“Great inspiration to kick off the conference – very personal touch.”  Ann Lindsay, Nike, Inc., Fleet Logistics Director, Beaverton, OR

“Very inspiring – you got a new fan – very far, living in Brazil.” Milton SchonauegHamburg Sud

“You’re an excellent speaker!!  I’m touched by your depth – it’s so inspirational to experience your work and accomplishments!  Physical, mental, spiritual.”  Valieri Hinard, Birkenstock, Transportation Manager, Novato, CA

“Very inspirational – I wish my son could have heard it!”  Cindy Golden, Retain Ventures, Custom Compliance Officer, Columbus, OH

“This has to be the best motivational speaker I have heard in a long time – I suggest FTOC asking Mr. Holloway to return Next Year,”  Charles Logatto, K Line America, Mge Logistics, Murray Hill, NJ

“Brian mixes humor and enthusiasm into his winning theme about what it takes to succeed in business and in life. An inspiring performance.”   Charlie Baker, Nike, Inc., Director, Beaverton, OR

“Very enjoyable. Liked the connections between personal stories and business realities.”  Nick Athanasako, Nike, Director, Beaverton, OR

“Excellent lessons on the value to teamwork and facing adversity.”  Richard Klleinbergy, Gilbert & West, VP, Chino, CA

“We were a leftover TEAM of misfits who have gone on to achieve a formidable reputation in the last 6  years. But we always look to our origins, to our heart and to our passion.  We always believe in our heart & it is an amazing experience. Thank you for your words this morning.”