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What People are Saying

“Terrific – Bring the TEAM together will be easier because of Brian’s Seminar – Brian gave me a vision on how to energize my TEAM with information.”




Here’s what they had to say about Brian Holloway, last night in Boston Headquarters of

“Hard hitting to the point, where you don’t want to walk away”,  Michael Kozlowski, AE, NEXL


“Brian has a huge impact on the way you view things, He lights a fire under you!”  Jame Rogan, AE

“Brian was awesome. He spoke to the pain we are feeling and reminded me about what is important.”   Steve Pellitier, Sales Ops Manager,

“Very Inspirational!  Brian was a fantastic speaker.  He was able to make a connection between his industry and our industry to motivate us!”  Cliff Rucker, CEO

“Very very good, powerful and energetic.”  Derek Ceppetelli, AE,

 “Made me think about goals and future.”  Peter Lambrinakos, Sr. Network Engineer,

“Brian’s talks on TEAMSHIP transcends all industries and markets.”  Michael Scanlon, District Manager,

“Brian makes me want to run in to battle.  Thank YOU!”  Chris French, AE


“I thought your metaphors/stories were hilarious. Very good parallels – I loved your examples.  I am a huge PATS fan so you speech was very enjoyable.”  Tammy Milsky

“Good speaker.” Adam Enterkin

“Great Story!”  Jason Carrubba, Sales

 “Full of Passion and Humor.”  Alan White, SE,

“I enjoyed your presentation very Much!”  Donna Szczechowicz, A/P Admin.

“Very upbeat, team inspiring!”  Denise Kenny, IS

“Terrific!  Funny, Inspiring and Informative.”  John Collins, Acct. Exec.

“Clear, Direct and Fun to listen to…Well Done!”  Michael Hjerpe, RD

“Motivational and exciting message, well conveyed and humorous.”  Samer Khalil, Sr. Network Engineer

 “Brian has a unique understanding of business that he can make you understand with simple football analogues and humor.”  Steve Kemp, Sr. NOC Engineer

“Brian has a great way to get the best performance out of everyone!”  Ken Norton, Sr. Network Eng.

“Very Impressive!  Excellent artistic talent.”  Sergey Bolbenoi, NE

“Made me reflect on my own personal performance and felt guilty.  I have not given it my all, touching.”  Dennis Oliver

“Very Insightful.”  Dalyn Newby, Svc Contracts Mgr.

“Awesome!”  Michael Manatey, Sr Acct Exec

“Excellent, changed my thinking.”  Tim Ryan, Sales Consultant

“Awesome!  Thank You!”  Craig Cooper, Sales

“Funny and Motivational!”  N. Zimmerman

“I was captivated by his stories and it really helped me think of getting it done NOW!”  Phil Russell, Sales

“Brian brings a high level of energy and passion to his presentation.  Thank you for your time.”  Mark Blaisdell, Controller

“Made me want to be a better man.”  John Parcell, Acct Exec

“Very Inspirational!”  Charles Worsham, Sales Dir

“Brian’s program was inspirational and motivating.  It was very entertaining!”  Stephanie Mekkelson, Acct Exec

“Great, fun and made my blood pressure go high!”  Fazlui Karim, Engineering