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What People are Saying

“I never knew football players could be such eloquent speakers – Brian is a wonderful motivational Speaker and is a testimonial to people who say it can’t e done! He is proof it can be done! ”

MTU Detroit Diesel  

MTU Detroit Diesel Brings IN The

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SECRETS OF Championship TEAMS.

“Very motivational.”  Gary Maurer, Senior Buyer, N. Canton, MI

“Motivating!”  Roger Ball, Sr. Mfg, Engineer,

“High Energy – provocative – made me think. Thanks.”  Steve Brooze, Sales Manager, Glendale, AL

“Even though I have no clued about football, I felt inspired and appreciated  your message!”  Nivi Hayes, Manufacturing Engineer

“Uncanny insight from a perspective I haven’t considered before.”  Ran Archer, Manager, Minine Sales, Redford, MU

“Energetic and good combinations of stories.”  Daniel Snook, Service Engineer, Canton, MI

  Andy Bentz, Area Manager, Royal Dank, WI

Straight forward.”  Donald Meyer, Sr. Marine Sales Mgr,
Detroit, MI

“It was great! Very motivational.”  Lucy Fritz, Spec Analyst, Wyandotte, Mi

“It was very uplifting – very well done.”  Eric MacBain, Sales Manager, Collegeville, PA

“As a youth coach in football, Hickey and Lacrosse, I understand teamwork, unity, moving forward – I thought I understood that in business too – you have showed me more today than I could have imagined – thanks.”  Jeff Sherman, Marine Sales Manager, Novi, MI

Excellent speaker+ -- you bring a lot to the table – which made me want to bring more thanks!  The Right Guard!”   Greg Mowbray, Maintenance Supervisor, Brighten, MI

“I had never before noted that there were such similarities between football and business. The forward planning, precise line-up and controlled execution of the plays have such relevance and well put across by Brian.  Thanks.”  Clive Deary, Area Manager, North Vancouver, BC

“Great motivational speech.”  Michelle Winterhalter, Warranty Admin, Lincoln Park, MI

“Fabulous Speaker. Thanks!” Damen Albent, Sr. Financial Analyst, Canton, MI

“Great program. Uplifting. Good dynamic speaker.”  Doug Berry, Sales Manager, C+I, Mining, Rail, Sandy Utah

“Very motivational! Great Inspiration.”  Ron Stewart, Regional Product Support Manager, La Mirada, CA

“Excellent! Awakens the energy we all have!”  Keith Dougherty, Field Service Rep Sand Diego, Vista, CA

“Excellent presentation!”  Dave Royce

“Very well thought out presentation – with good examples.”  Adam Wood, Product Material Manager, Detroit, MI

“Direct & Insightful.”  Dave Bruette, Program manager, Detroit, MI

“Engaging speaker – enjoyed football metaphor. Well spoken.”  Katrina Maitland, Material Engr, Westland, MI

“Nice speech.”  Alex Kalachyk

“Great analogy to the business world.  

“An unexpected delight in enlightenment to the TEAM concept.”  Patrick Charles, Program Manger, Remanufacturing, Canton, MI

“Fantastic and Inspiring!”  Chanda Corawn, Executive Assit, Detroit, MI

“Very well presented. Thought out. Presented good analogies.”  Steven Kouzousian, System Engineers, Detroit, MI

“There was an obvious passion in Brian’s talk that we could all bring to our lives.”  Jeff farmer, Canton, MI

“Dynamic!!” Ronald Bronesman, Service Engineer, Dearborn, MI