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What People are Saying

“10!...A Hostile Customer is one who needs you the most.”

Lee Jeans  

Lee Jeans

Billion Dollar Giant LEE Jeans,

Brings in Brian Holloway to

Kick-Off Massive TEAMBUILDING 2005 Sales Campaign

For Immediate Release December 14, 2004

Here’s what they are saying about Brian Holloway:

“It was great! Thanks.” Gordon Harton, President,

Lee Jeans


“Very motivating and energizing,” Kim Swider, Account Executive, Frisco , TX

“Very very inspirational speaker.” Charles Daugherty

“Excellent speechthanks for inspiring our team.” Kim Short, Planner, Frisco , TX

“Extremely genuine, real stories, real life, very relatable to corporate environment!” Jen Thurmonler, Sales Planner, Franklin , Wi

“I thought he was very inspiring – great speaker .” Carol Woods, Merriam , KS

“Very energetic! Loved the family life lesion related to business experience. Thank you.” Joy Weyman, Sales, Merriam , KS

“Brian has a great message for any group of people from a two person relationship to a multi level corporation. The focus on pouring yourself into other people is a message for all times – the payback is unlimited. Thanks.” Joe Bugni, Sr. Product Manager, Overland Park , KS

“Exciting presentation!” Kato Bennett, Forecast Manager, Merriam , KS

“Very moving.” Lisa Smith, Presentation Coord, Merriam , KS

“Your energy is refreshing.” Michele Canger, Sales, Wayne , NJ

“Great business perspective and very entertaining.” Celesta Lindell, Producer, KC, MO

“Thanks for mixing business with family – great stories.” Dawn Rather, AE, Colgate , Wi

“Inspiring.” David Damman, Creative Director, MN

“A powerful and passionate motivator.” Bill Vinson, Greensboro , NC

“Terrific” Jan Saunders, Ex Secty, Merriam , KS

“Fabulous.” Susan Pirrossendo, Office Manager, Union City , NJ

“Very inspirational. I like how he used football as an analogy to winning in life .” Bill Lynch, VP/GM, Merriam , KS

“I very great motivating speech that hit close to home. Not coming from a wealthy home, all challenges were uphill. I was very involved in sports thru HS and colleges. Coaches are very big role models, strength builders, teachers and goal seekers to help many young people. I have a lot of the same beliefs for my family; memories are built by being there for your family and friends. I lost my best friend at 33 to breast cancer. We talked a lot about faith and everyday is a great day. She always said: Live well, laugh often, Love much! Believe in Yourself, Thanks for sharing.” Brenda P.S. I will share your speech with my two children.

“Very inspirational! A Great mix of humor and message.” Kelly Dalton, Forecast Analyst, Lenexa , KS

“Great! Read to begin and start the rollercoaster ride. Very exciting.” Julie Curran, Sales Admn, Merriam , KS

“Very inspiring – uplifting.” Val Anthony Imbriage, Medford , NJ

“One of the best motivational speeches yet.” Michael Kupka, AE, Fitchburg , WI

“Thank you for the inspiration!” Jennifer Johnson, PR, Merriam , KS

“”Everything we do applies to who we are – if we are excited, then we can excite…excellent! Thanks, Barbara Zitella, AE Mon, Maples, ON

“Outstanding! Great information. Life Long info.” John Sube, Somerset , PA

“Brian you gave a great speech to us. Now I believe I can do something for my organization and my family.” Roger Turcotie, AE, Chary, QU

”It's clear that Brian understands what it takes to WIN!! WOW!!” Joe Alban, Regional Sales Manager, Overland Park , KS

“Positively the best motivational conversation I’ve heard.” Tom Southerland, Planning Manager, Greensboro , NC

“Fantastic! Brian put a fire in my belly to push myself to excel. He was exactly what we all needed to hear. Thank you so much. Michelle Clark, Mgr, Product7Fabic, Trends, Olathe , KS

“Very inspiring and passionate. Loved the personal stories about his family.” Jennifer Clarke, Lee Europe Developler, Merriam , KS

“Great motivator, Excellent speaker, Knows how to show and present building character among associate.” Doug Geared, Sales Manager, Mequon , WI

“It was very motivational and inspiring.” Kamala West, Sales Asst, Irving , TX

“Inspirational.” Connie Huggins, Promotional Sales, Merriam , KS

“You have inspired me to do my best and keep believing that

you can make a difference on the team and in the world.” Karen Rickert, Olathe , KS

“Really enjoyed your message was already feeling very inspired this week – you just pushed it that much further!! Thanks!! Patricia McClure, Trend Manager, Merriam , KS

Great speaker. Big Guy With A Big Message!” Alex McDonald, Interactive Marketing Manager, Lenexa , KS

“Exciting and thought provoking.” Jennifer Johnson, Sales Planner, Lewisville , TX

“Kick in the future.” Richard Kaufman, Kirkland , A

“Very good.” Nina Sanchez, Licensing Manager, Greensboro , NC

“Very inspirational!” Michelle Growcok, Controller, Merriam , KS

“A wonderful way to start my day!Your passion for success and your people skills are a breath of fresh air. I am energized. Thank you, Gin Fleishman, AE, and Menomonee Falls , WI

“Brian was great very motivating!” Sandy Cockman, AP Supervisor, Browns Summit , NC

“Great tie-in of life experiences to work related issues.” Jerry Bidden, Credit Manager, Greensboro , NC

“ Passionate. Intense. Inspirational. Relevant.” Chris Tomazzewicz, Team Leaders, Walnut Creek , CA

“Very inspirational – Big picture.” Tim Wingate, VP Operations, Greensboro , NC

“Very inspirations, brings everyday into the work world – anything is possible.” Wendy Demuth, Marketing Coord, Merriam , KS

“Very inspring. What he brings to light affect everyday life. Family & Professional Life.” Cheryl Leonard, AE, Walnut Creek , CA

“Very exciting – Dramatically different from others I have heard – the focus on the culture was outstanding.” Gary Bruntzel, Team Leader, St. Louis , MO

“Very energetic and inspirational.” Daniel Stuart, Sales, St. Louis , MO

“Very energetic and inspiring.” Laura Ederle, Account Planner, Jackson , WI

“Great motivational message. Funny and inspiring. I truly enjoyed every moment and will look forward to keeping up with you.” Charles Collins, Sr. Sales, EX

“Very energetic and motivating” Marcia Wilcox, VP/GM Product, Merriam , KS

“Awe inspiring” Really made me think about my job and what it take to be a PLAYMAKER – Brian’s speech was fantastic.” Chris Hogan, Team Leader, Grafton WI

“Loved it! Great!!” Steve Hager, National Accents Mgr, Hoffman , IL

“Outstanding – very inspiring.” Amy Cordell, Sales Analyst, Knoxville , TN

“Motivating – Captivating.” Gary McVeigh, AE, Toronto , ON

“I loved the way he ties his stories into the message of believing and making a difference. Thanks!” Steve Miller, Sourcing Manager, Merriam , KS

“To hear a story about someone facing so many obstacles and becoming successful is such a breath of fresh Air. Congrats, Thanks.” Stephan W. Baum, Creative director, NY

“You brought me back to who I was and want to be and will be now in the future.”

“Excellent & Motivating!” Kathy Forkas, Merchandise, Merriam , KS

“Great inspirational talk. You can tell he is very passionate about what he talks about. Loved the personal stories.” Marty Fleming, AE, Olathe , KS

“Clever, Down to earth and inspirational.” Paula Bates, Planning Manager, Greensboro , NC

“Personally inspiring and helped me realize the value of committing to a TEAM (company).” Dave McAlister, Acct Executive, Barrington , IL

“I was great – very funny!” Katie Smith, Merchandise Associate, Overland Park , KS

“Brian has great enthusiasm & spirit…” Kelly Ramey

“I think it was great and very inspirational with great sense of humor.” Lerman Pacheco, AE, San Juan , PR

“Great. Very enjoyable and motivating.” Rhonda Shorten, Lenexa , KS

“Passionate Presentation.” Mark Holt, director, Forecast and Planning, Greensboro , NC

“Wonderful! – Inspiring.” Mike Gill, Sales, Eustis , FL

“The personal stories brought a lot home to me – not only about business, but as a father. Enjoyed it immensely.” Dan Sterbenz, Prairie Village , KS

“Down to earth real person who makes you feel like anything is possible….thank you!” Alice Duke, Forecast Analyst, Raymore , MO

“Inspirational – powerful and aggressive thoughts on where we are to go!” Scott Reffsin, Sales, Fairmont , NY

“Very ‘real” & inspirational.” Holly Lavender, Product Manager, Kansas City , MO

“Enjoyed the presentation – very inspiring.” Kim Knight, Planning Manger, Greensboro , NC

“Very personal stories with great message.” Don Chizk, Team Leader Sales

“Thank you…job well done.” Bruce Kerr, AE, Massapequa , NY

“Great – enjoyed the comparison to the playmaker.” Larry Oberta, AE, McKinney , TX

“Great speaker, motivating personal stories are very enjoyable!” Nancy White, OP, KS