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What People are Saying

“An excellent program I highly agree with your faith based attitude.”



Headquartered in Monroe MI, with annual sales in excess of $2 billion and a market capitalization in excess of $1.2 billion, La-Z-Boy Incorporated is one of the world’s leading residential furniture producers. The company employs nearly 17,000 people and conducts manufacturing operations in nine states and four foreign countries.

Here’s what they had to say about Brian Holloway:

[Please note that these testimonials are transcribed from handwritten material.]

“Moving – touched my heart and soul.”  Marcia Forcery, COO, Hammond, IN

 “I loved the roller-coaster Story.”  Brenda J. Metz, Certified Designer, Union Grove, WI

“Keep on going, no matter how bad is gets – stay on the roller-coaster.”  Bob Tomaso, GM, Arlington Heights, IL

“Great life lessons and message.  It takes everything to get anything.” Sara Biggs, Mgr., Merrillville, IN

“Loved to hear you speak, anybody can conquer anything as long as they believe in themselves – no matter what people do in life – they can be successful.” Densie M. Arteaga, MS, Hammond, IN

“Very motivational, reminding us not to let anyone make us give up!” Connie Flanagan, Sales Person, Valparaiso, IN

“Don’t let others determine your destiny. You are in charge of your life and what you want to make of it.” Lynne Paul, Sales, Bolingbrook, IL

“My current situation is a challenging one – send me an email – I wish to tell you more!! I have also been dismissed - a very moving and also inspiring talk!!”

Philip Driscoll, Evanston, IL

“I want me son to meet you – he plays rugby for the USDA TEAM.   And you are Awesome!  I CAN tell you’re a true believer. Thank God for your trials and tests and that many others will be inspired by your tenacity and commitment to achieve your dream.  God Bless You.”  Brenda Beavers, Fashion Designer, Chicago, IL

“Play together like an inspired team – don’t let that teacher speak over my life.”  Ruth McCallister, Sales, Joliet, IL

“I enjoyed the speech very much.”  Beverlee Fasbinder, Sales, Hampshire, IN

“I think that your program was very good.”  Emanuel Gonzalez, Hanover Park, IL

“Great carry over from humor to TEAM BUILDING – great story telling!”  Randy Nelson, GM, Hazelcrest, IL

“The X Chromosome is the identifiable ingredient in the great race horses – it is also in people.”  Wm. M. Dooley, Sales, Naperville, IL

“Dear Brian, true stores are always the best.  You are very inspiring and a wonderful speaker – funny and from the heart.  It’s great to see a sports figure with wholesome values and family dedications.”

 Lucy Vokac, Sales Associate, Naperville, IL

“Wonderful job!”  Jan Bigley, Design Consultant, Plainfield, IL

“His examples and stories were real life that I could and have related to before.  That never give up attitude always will make you successful.”  Barb Kilgore, GM, Poplan Grove, IL

“Don’t let anyone speak a negative word over your life – but have the burning desire to WIN – and grandmothers win by praying over their children’s lives.”  Pat Ortillo, Sales, Minooka, IL

“Work hard, have a burning desire to succeed – share what you have.”  Chris Brewer, Sales Consultant, Palo Hills, IL

“Make real life – sad, funny and inspiring at the same time.”  Richard Waters, Sales, Chicago, IL

“To build out a TEAM and a family – to encourage and to inspire – the seed --- the dream will arrive.  Get to know someone - it does make a difference – all built by a dream, seed.” 

Debora Cali, GM, Chicago, IL

“The importance of a burning desire to win!!” “ Kimberly Porte, Store Manager, Valparaiso, IN

“I’d like to express my appreciation to Mr. Holloway for taking the time to share some of his success in his life.  We need more people like you to embrace your vision – thanks, Brian.”  Brent Gordon, Regional Manager, Glenwood, IL

“Excellent motivational speech!  Very touching life experiences, thank you for sharing.  I found this one of the most interesting speeches so far.”

 Lee Ann Kerrick, St. John, IN

“I have been in sales for 40 years – I have heard many outstanding speakers… Brian Holloway is in the top five – outstanding!!!”   Vernon W. Vierk, Salesman, Crown Point, IN

“He was very inspiring if you believe you can do anything – that you set your focus on – very good.”  Ransom Williams, GM, Hobart, IN

“Good program, TEAM unity and TEAM association – support each other.”  C. Capolillo, Sales Mgr., Hobart, IN

“Great!”  Deborah Reicher, Salesperson, Portage, IN

“The man makes me happy and that we can be a strong Team – we are a good team.”  Georgenne Browning, GM, Aurora, IL

“I feel that Brian’s program was very inspirational as well as entertaining.  It was more inspirational because I can, or should I say, am relating with some of these issues with my twelve year old son.  Thank you, Brian.”  Daphne Langfair, Liscensed Interior Designer, Calumet City, IL

“Very inspiring, very true to life.  Takes about the principals that are required to succeed in all walks of life.  The key is to  first have control over one’s own life, and  knowing that success is deep within.” Georgain Lowe, Sales Consultant, Chicago, IL

“He was extremely motivational.  His speech touched me regarding family and friends and what is truly important --- never give up!”  Beth Flores, Sales, Oak Forest, IL

“You were awesome! Keep up the great job!”  Christina Sheehan, Naperville, IL

“Excellent!”  Terry Ber, Frankfort, IL

“I thought he was great! Very energetic and funny! Thank you.”  Jennifer Wessel, Sales, Waukegan, IL

“You touched my soul – thank you.” Peggy Paulson, Sales, Hoffman Estates, IL

“Excellent speaker, inspiration to listen to – would listen to you for hours – started out on the bottom, but make it to the top, because you have courage – thank you.”   Denise Hildebeant, Salesperson, Crystal Lake, IL

“A burning desire to success surpasses all the ingredients that seem to  be in our way.”  Chuck Duttmann, Salesman, Ewin, IL

“Great attitude – 8 kids wow – what a TEAM.”  Erica Miner, Sales, Joliet, IL

“Funny, passionate, thought-provoking.”  Darlene Goad, Design Consultant, Zion, IL

“Sincere, funny, traditional. Connected with Brian on winning through sheer willpower. Inspiring on TEAM WORK. Great program.” Stephanee May, Spring Grove, IL

“Great storyteller!! Truly inspiring!!” 

“Excellent at relating overcoming objections and obstacles in a person’s life, very enjoyable – stories and presentation.”  Mike Mackay, Manager

“He did a great Job!  Very touching!! God Bless him.”  Eli Lopez, E. Chicago, IL

“One of the most sincere motivational speakers I’ve had the pleasure of seeing.  I loved his story and his great sense of humor.”

 Deborah Warren, Woodstock, IL

“Gracious – personable.  Best Speaker I’ve ever heard – very motivational.”  Janet Gout, Customer Service

“Fantastic and inspiring for any path in life!”  Michael A. Nusharott Jr., Plainfield, IL

“Brian’s program was wonderful - one of the best.  Keep up the good work – God Bless.” 

Shirley Carson-Smith, Customer Service, Gary, IN

“Great job!  Keep up the good show, very motivational – very true! Thank you!! 

Eva Nogal, GM, Arlington, IL

“Great job keeping up the good work.”

Amjad Makhamveh, General Manager, Orland Hills, IL,

“He is very inspiring and moving.”  Estella Mootry, Sales, Park Forest, IL

“Inspiring – thank you very much!!”  Peggy Paskey, Store Manager, Vernon Hills, IL

“Very focused and entertaining. Very good at getting his point across.  Captivating and sincere – great speech !!!” 

Barry Stine, Sales, Arlington Heights, IL

“Brian, six words to describe today – Brian you have touched my heart! God Bless and thank you.” 

Suzye Roppers, Receptionist, Hammond, IN