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What People are Saying

“Brian quickly gets into our head and shows the fallacy of ‘think about yourself first’ – become a team player – build on strengths of members.”




To Share “Insider Secrets” of Championship TEAMS

Here’s what  these Top Performers had to say about Brian Holloway

“Nice simple style…Enjoyed your passion for what you do.”

“Good Stuff.  Blend of skills working in one direction with TRUST is powerful.  Your passion is infectious.  Enjoyed it very much.  Thank you.”

“Very helpful.  Focus on Shared values and illustrates the examples to internalize and learn.  Energy level was impressive.”

 “…Practical application of Teaming and the importance of TEAM… interesting way of introducing skill sets/personalities that make a TEAM.”

“Brian introduced the concept that coach needs to find the right way to motivate action sometimes softly/touchy feely, and sometime kick in the ass.  Coach needs to know personality of the TEAM.”

  “Good Storytelling to Illustrate.”


      “Great example of offensive line TEAMWORK – how different personalities and skill work best together as a TEAM….Thanks for the presentation.”

“Great Presence.”

“Great Storytelling.”

Very Useful Points:

(1) If you have identified their problem – it’s yours not their responsibility to do something about it.   (if you see it…you own it.)

(2) You control the point of view.

(3) Use your TEAM to identify the right personality to help you when communication breaks down.

(4) Different people are “wired” differently.

“Thanks for coming in.  The best part was when you brought out the point that you are hiding something – then your TEAMMATES are also! – This is so true…Thanks again!”  

“Great presentation…love the football stories – since it’s a level of competition we’re not familiar with.”