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What People are Saying

“Powerful, eye opening, down to earth.”


Jackson Area Manufacturers Association


For Major Partners Mission Critical Meeting.  

Here’s what they had to say about Brian

“Great story teller.”   Dawn Anne Corlet, Sr. V.P., Standard Federal Bank, Kalamazoo, MI

“Great program! Keep up the good work - you seem like a nice man.”  John Macchio Sr.,  CEO, Advance Turning, Jackson, MI

“Excellent talk – nice to see you living and sharing your dream. If we all took your ideas and others like you and shared it with our community there is nothing we could not accomplish.  My goal is to give every child a dream when he goes to bed at night.   To dream is wonderful – but to live your dream is a life fulfilled…keep talking.”  Ric Walton, President, Walton Agency, Jackson, MI

“I’m starting a new company after losing my job when my employer closed.  I appreciate the attitude he presented and the importance of community and commitment.”  Jim Powers, Owner, The Credit Dept., Jackson, MI

“Excellent! His presentation was from the heart.”  Bob Tylutki, Coop. Coordinator, Jackson Area Career Center, Jackson, MI

“Thank you!  It was very helpful! I had a rough year...10!  I needed the inspiration.”  Rod Girdwood, V.P., Republic Bank

“10!” Elaine Hopping, Project Manager, Commercial Excellence

“You have to serve to be fulfilled…God Bless you Brian.”  Mike Shirley, President, Orbitform

“10!” Marianne Woodard, Accountant, Mid-American Products, Inc., Jackson, MI

“Very enjoyable and positive.” Bill Burch, Manager, Mid-American

“The most entertaining speaker I’ve heard in years.”  Tammy Pickering lant Controller, Mid American Products, Horton, MI

“Dynamic – right on presentation!  Thank You!”  Mark Shirley, Controller, Orbitform, Jackson, MI

“Great enthusiasm!”  Shannon Sheperd, Programmer, Advanced Turning, Jackson, MI

“Fantastic!”  Ron Mangual, Producer, Walton Agency, Jackson, MI

“Great program!”  Shane Clark, General Manager, Alro, Jackson, MI

“What a great presentation! Very inspirational.”  Michelle Fowler, Senior Manager, Rehamann Robson, Jackson, MI

“Brian displays a high joy quotient – about what he does.  This can be contagious.”  Richard Scott, Instructor, Jackson Area Career Center. Jackson, MI

“A TEAM only wins big – when a TEAM comes together.”  Bill McConkey,

President, MeConkey Real Estate, Jackson, MI

“Good jobs of relating life experiences with business.  Kept my attention the whole time.”   Tim Crowley, President, Alro Steel

“Great job! Worth your time.”  Ed Redies, Instructor, JACC, Jackson, MI

Brian Holloway’s stories about his life in relation to the challenges that businesses face are relevant and uplifting.”   Mark Schaneqer, State Senator, Battle Creek, MI

“Very warm and friendly.”  Dave Miller, V.P., The Enterprise Group, Jackson, MI

“Brian has a great personal approach to his subject.”  Jeff Karmol, V.P., Macster, Jackson, MI

“Awesome speaker – holds audience’s attention, humorous, down to earth.  Gave great family ways to motivate and communicate with children.”   Denise Brinkman, Receptionist, The Enterprise Group

“10!” Rick Weaver, The Enterprise Group Jackson, MI

“Brian was inspirational and exciting.”  Paul A. Tobins, Treasure Management Officer, Citizens Bank

“Very dynamic – great speaker.”  Tim Salisbury, Sr. V.P., National City Bank, Lansing, MI

“Brian’s commitment to the community is outstanding.  His willingness to visit our school and address our students is greatly appreciated.”  Bob Priest, Director of Career Technical Education, Jackson County ISD, Jackson, MI

“Brian’s enthusiasm and message was well received in Jackson.  I left feeling renewed and ready to take on the challenges of each new day.”  Brian Nelson, Assistant Principal, Jackson Area Career Center, Jackson, MI

“Brian championed values that we all need to keep before us.”  John Graves, Superintendent, Jackson County School, Jackson, MI

“Brian was real - we all need to work together as a TEAM.  The family is important.  Tom Brady is a University of Michigan Grad!!”  Bob Engel, Placement Coordinator, Jackson Area Career Center, Jackson, MI

“I thought it was a very interesting and exciting combination of real life experiences and its application to winning in business and in everyday life – thank you for sharing it with us.”  Ken Yoder, Financial Professional, Mass Mutual Financial Group, Battle Creek, MI

“Fun & inspiring.”  Pat Murroughs, V.P., O’Harrow Construction Co.,  Jackson, MI

“I have been in Sales for 31 years and I feel it is half time and we are down by a couple of touchdowns.  I came out like I could knock down that cement wall...”  Gene Hinkley, Sales Rep., Alro Industrial Supply, Jackson, MI

“Very positive program, it was awesome to see someone so positive and unique.”  David Rice, Commercial Agent, The Craft Agency, Inc., Jackson, MI

“It was an uplifting and challenging message.”   Mike Falatko, Agent, The Craft Agency, Jackson, MI

“Enthusiasm is contagious – and we all felt his enthusiasm.”  L. R. Schnider, V.P. & Manager, Citizens Bank

“I enjoyed Brian relating business, family and life experiences.”  Ronnie Jahncoy, V.P., Technique, Inc., Jackson, MI

“I agree – communication is a vital thing in all aspects of life.  Very uplifting to hear you speak about overcoming setbacks and hearing how communicating with children today is an honest career – because it is vital.  Plus it is entirely true how the U.S. is not a different place.” Amy Johncox, Technique, Inc., Jackson, MI

“Brian has a great ability to truly relate and connect with the audience.”  Greg Griffin, V.P., Standard Federal Bank, Kalamazoo, MI

“Very inspirational! His focus and vision on our children is very emotional!”   Mike Miaz, G.M., Alro Steel, Jackson, MI

“Brian is a ‘champion’ that speaks from the heart with down-to-earth values that hit home.”  Robert Moore, President, Pentar Stamping, Jackson, MI

“Brian helped me remember that life is about how much you can give - not how much you can get.”  Warren Hawkins, Orbitform, Parmo, MI

“Brian made me feel good about my work in the community.”  Ed Woods, Maintenance Support, MacSteel, Jackson, MI

“I was highly energized by Brian’s story, commitment to high levels of achievement, his passion and his ability to overcome adversity. I believe he has great insight into future requirements for success in business.”  Dean Davis, V.P., Alro, Jackson, MI

“I admire your commitment

to family – outstanding!”  John Rogers, Sales Director, PHPSM, Jackson, MI

“Very moving!  I agree, everyone has a story, work together and you will be amazed at what can be accomplished...thanks.”  Shari Walicki, Sales Rep., Physicians Health Plan, Jackson, MI

“The most important point left me – everybody has a story to tell.”  Deborah Hall Turner, Dr., CC/QI, PHPSM, Jackson, MI

“A big man doing a giant job!”  Mary Ann White, Purchasing Coord., Cetain Teed, Jackson, MI

“Pleasant, down-to-earth conversation – for down-to-earth people.”  Tom Lape, Sales, Alro Steel, Jackson, MI

“Fire in the hole!...Great presentation!”  Ron Hayes, Sales Rep., Arlo Steel, Jackson, MI

“Original and very informative.”   Don Faohm, Account Executive, Walton Agency, Jackson, MI

“Excellent presentation.”  Steve Meyer, Mgr., JQE, Eaton Aerospace, Saline, MI

“Highly motivating and informative.”  Cindy Lance, Plant Controller, Eaton Aeroquip, Munith, MI

“Dynamic speaker, who relates well to the audience’s interest.  Makes memorable points.”  Steve Everett, Mfg. Mgr., Eaton Areoquip, Jackson, MI

“Fact paced, energetic, it all comes together before he wraps up.  Brian Holloway is the kind of person you want with you when you enter that dark alley.” 

Bruce Fabish, Plant Manger, TRW, Dester, MI

“It’s a refreshing wake-up call for us to focus and understand these areas that are there, but to approach it in the manner that we should.  Good speaker…good voice.”  Sara Soto, Plant Manager, TRW, Jackson, MI

“Thanks for the lift.  Dead on regarding the roller coaster.”  William Erwin, Materials Way, TRW Automotive, Jackson, MI

“Very motivational.”  Boar Bascom, Private Banking, National City Bank, Lansing, MI

“Brian was awesome! He was worth the price of admission!”  Bruce Davis, Community President,  National City Bank,  Jackson, MI

“Brian was very entertaining.  I really like his message.”  Kert Cocora, Business Banker, National City Bank, Charlotte, MI

“Inspirational.”  Jason Sanders, V.P., Standard Federal Bank, Jackson, MI