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What People are Saying

“Brian was Great!! Excellent experience.”


Here’s what InsurMark’s ELITE Producers had to say about



     “Thank you, Brian! – You had a great story to motivate me (and everyone) and some secrets to share to win in any situation.”  - Nicholas Dwitt, CEP, Houston, TX

     9!   - Daniel V. Wilson, Career Development Supervisor, Lawrenceville, NJ

     “Inspirational! Motivational!”  - Steve Kernfg, CEO, Houston, TX

     “Brian, thank you for being a part of my life.”  - Philoppe N. Keyes, Teacher, Valencia, CA

     “Going from Excellence to Significance.”  - Larry S. Anderson, Owner/Operator, Rockford, IL

     “Very inspirational and talented speaker. I was particularly impressed by his passion and love for what he does.  He has an awesome message to share!”  - Mike Geeza, Clifton, NJ

     “Excellent speaker. You encouraged me to be brave about opening myself up.”  - John Wheeling, President, Wrightsville, PA

     “Great job! Thank helped me.”  - Tom Benwell, President /CEO, Cypress, TX

     “Brian’s dynamism and sincerity make him one of the best.”  -  Bruce Beaty, Regional Sales Director,

Des Moines, IA

     “Speaking from the heart about life and what’s really important.”  - Robert Feinholz, Owner, Scottsdale, AZ

     “Presentation was thought-provoking and inspirational.”  -  Bruce Larsen, Greenwood Village, CO

     “Real life and inspiring.”  -  Ron West, Manager, Chandler, AZ

     “Brian solidified my position on sales – it’s not so much the products – it’s your approach and passion towards the clients.”  -  Richard G. Hanson, Owner, San Clement, CA

     “Awesome – passionate.”  -  Marc Shulman, Northridge, CA

     “I enjoyed the fact that it is not correct to think that the bigger the man - does not mean he is large in character. However, Brian is passionate in his beliefs and the fact that he is big – makes a huge impact.”   - Carolyn Heke, President, Tomball, TX

     “Great job of creating a dialogue with the group – thanks for the time – 10!”  - Graydon Harder, Shoreview, MN

     “Powerful...Inspirational – more people should be subjected to Brian’s ideas.”  -  Mike Podulka, Houston, TX

     “God has his promise in me – I’ve always felt this but have never been able to express it as simply.  I thank you for that clarity...Thanks again!”  - Ryan Moore, Regional Manager, PhoenixAZ

     “Very powerful talk.  I say talk because it was not a speech or a preachy session. It was a man, Brian, who had a passion he wanted to share.”  -  Dusty McGirty, Senior Sales Consultant & Team leader, Houston, TX

     “I thoroughly enjoyed Brian’s presentation – very humble man who delivers a powerful message.”  Russell A. Smith, President/CEO, Torimax- Financial Group, Inc.Canyon Lake, CA