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Visioneering Productions
What People are Saying

“Great incorporation of first experience, present experience, humor, family, places you have been, where we have been and where we are all going, thank you.”


Technology Playmaker
Brings in

World Class Competitor
BRIAN HOLLOWAY for Major Clients VIP Meeting at

NFL Arizona Cardinals

Here’s what their Clients are saying about Brian Holloway,


“Awesome Presentation!  I never realized football and business were so analogous.”  Hunter Kreie, IT TEAM Leaders.”  Phoenix, AZ

“Charismatic and easily translatable to the business world.”

Richard Golden, Account Executive, Tempe, AZ

“Meaningful information.

Great sense of humor.”

Richard Wolf, IT Manager, Mesa, AS

“Very insightful! A very enjoyable

and thought provoking presentation.”

Carlos Auna, M/S  Network Admin, Phoenix, AZ

“Very interesting.”

Wayne Glass, Sales, Scottsdale, AZ

“Very motivating and

interesting information.”

Katherine Showalter, Mesa, As

“Very insightful and eye opening. Provided a new insight into business process and how to continue with a winning edge.”

Chris Showalter, Senior System Admin, Mesa, AZ

“Excellent presentation.”

Patrick Sullivan, Account Executive, TEMPA, AZ

“Funny. Interesting and Relevant!”

Jerry Saldanas, Database Manger, Scottsdale, AZ

“Insightful! & Thought Provoking – brought sports & NFL experience into the business setting.”

Charles Layre,  VP of Sales, Phoenix, AZ

“It is an insightful business view of the NFL. I liked the team “wired”.  I believed a lot of people don’t understand that everyone has a part in business.”

Russell Martinez, Software Manager, Insight, AZ