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What People are Saying

"Very Inspiring".

Hewlett Packard  

The Ultimate World Super Giant Merger

Hewlett-Packard & Compaq

Hires Brian Holloway to Super Charge Top Producers


With the merger final in May 2002, the multi-billion dollar company now employs 145,000 professionals worldwide with business presence in more than 160 countries.  HP/Compaq has received numerous prestigious awards with “Best Employer Award” and “Best Company to Work for Award” among them.

Here’s what they are saying about Brian Holloway:

SECURITY ALERT:  Because of the tremendous security measures we will not be able to disclose the names of the HP and Compaq Super Champions.  [They are the top minds in both companies that have come together - collectively they represent a substantial part of the worldwide intellectual capital of these Billion dollar giants.]

“We are here for two or three days getting to know each other for the first time – wonderfully inspiring speech – helped us all take a look inside at the things we need to do.”

“Excellent presentation… you made a difference, so much for the dumb football player myth.”

“Great, very inspiring… you’ve opened up my thinking.”

“Great job, good key points.  Very inspiring and very well taken… the timing was perfect, we have a big job to do.”

“He did a great job talking about all the things we need to do in this HP/Compaq merger.  Like the Super Bowl, it takes a TEAM coming together for the winning combination – and it really came across well and has been great for all of us… thanks for the serious minded conversation.”

“Brian Holloway did a great job.  He was very motivational and he got the TEAM going.  I really appreciate you being here – it has been a roller coaster ride.”

“This was not about football.  This was about People, Passion and Dreams – the ultimate competitive advantage.”

“Everything he said really applies to the challenges that we have today.  I am looking forward to starting over.”

“Brian was very motivational.  Everyone in the crowd loved it and he did a wonderful job.  A lot of applause, a lot of tears and a lot of laughs… we are hard to impress.”

“Brian did an excellent job tonight, very motivating, brought it into the context that everyone has gone through in life and he brought it up to another level.  We CAN grow and drive to be very successful in this difficult new market.”

“From the heart, really fired us all up… much needed and important.”

“Brian thank you so much, really got a lot out of it.”

“I am from New England, Brian is certainly an inspiration not just because he was an outstanding leader and a New England Patriot, but because of what he is about now.  Brian is showing us what perseverance and fortitude is all about, once again he is at the pinnacle of his career, and he just did a tremendous job.”