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“Believe in yourself.”


HONEYWELL, Fortune 100 Giant,

Brings In High Powered,

TEAMBUILDING & Motivational Guru,


For International Sales Meeting

Honeywell employs 100,000 employees in nearly 100 countries.  They are a Fortune 100 Company with $22.3 billion dollars in sales in 2002 and are one of 30 select companies represented by the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

“Excellent. Loved the personal stories and Q & A period.”  Rob Nix, Applications Engineer, Conyers, GA

“It was great that Brian related his talk back to family and business. Talked about his story how he was knocked down and proved people wrong.  He dug deep to move his spirit and mold himself.”  Tom Gill, VP Marketing, Honeywell Video Systems, Vancouver, BC

“Excellent – very informative and funny.”  Tiffany Winter, Admin. Assist., Honeywell Security, Louisville, KY

“Excellent, very good, intelligent, interesting.  Not long enough. Thank you very much.”  Daniel Penaud, District Manager, Honeywell, St. Saunes, Quebec, Canada

“Very interesting seminar. He kept peoples’ attention, while comparing his life, game and business to reach goals.”  Maria F. Powerio, FAP International Sales, Honeywell, Miami, FL

“This was excellent and the football examples are very similar to our daily work experience.”  Victor Diaz, Quality Manager, Honeywell, El Paso, TX

“Very passionate. Real world examples. Q & A was interesting!”  Vincent Paradise, District Manager, Honeywell Security, Twinsburg, OH

“I thoroughly enjoyed Brian’s program.  I found him inspirational as a business leader and more importantly as a role model father.”  Gene La Valle, Regional Sales Manager, Fairview Park, OH

“Great program. Thanks for the stories.”  Andy Kilcore, Regional Sales, Honeywell Video, Hampton, GA

“Great! Really enjoyed the program.”  Curtis Smith, Sales Manager, Lakewood, FL

“Great! I have been a Pat’s season ticket owner since 1965.  I was in New Orleans for the Pats/Chicago Super Bowl.  Using that event brought a lot in perspective on being in a competitive business.”  Ron Broussard, International Product Manager, Syracuse, NY

“Good message! Clear Message! I totally share the comparison with football and TEAM excellence.” Allia Lihnny, Sales & Marketing Director, Nice, France

“Great program. Inspirational! God Bless you!”  Jesse Wood, Account Manager, Honeywell Video Systems, Lewisville, TX

“Excellent, well related.”  Ephram Clarke, VP of Procurement, Honeywell Video, Oswaldtwistel, UK

“The program was delivered with real passion and commitment. Brian brought a lot of important points to the meeting.”

“Very informative. Got the realization that stepping out of your comfort zone – you can achieve results that will not only obtain your goals, but you can be a leader that will help the TEAM achieve the overall goal. Attitude is the key – with the proper attitude you can achieve anything.”  Woody Woodham, Technical Manager, Honeywell Security Custom Electronics, Brandon, MS

“Very impressive and informative.”  Jim Schaller, Tech Trainer, Honeywell Security, Mt. Prospect, IL

“Very enthusiastic and Energetic.”  Michael Witchie, Honeywell Security, Aurora, IL

“Excellent energy and motivation.  Enjoyed question and answer session on the end.”  John Burton, Sales Manager, ADI, Farmer Branton, TX

“Great performance – inspirational!”  Gene Reed, National Account Manager, Westford, TX

“Very inspirational. Chuck Thomas, National Sales Manager, Honeywell Access Systems, Fallsbrook, CA

“Great motivational attitude and positive outlook.  Outstanding presentation with a personal touch!!”  Wayne Olvier, Arlington, TX

“Very strong message. Enjoyed his delivery!”  Ron Dublais, National Accounts Manager, Dallas, TX

“I found his program very inspiring, especially about his coming from behind in gym and school – it related well to sales and customer service.  Q & A session was a great idea.  Mindset is important!”  Stephen Ryan, Director of Administration, Syosset, NY

“Was very uplifting and thought provoking. Brian was able to mix his career and business and mesh it into one.”  Christopher Coleman, Alarmnet Operating Manager, Syosset, NY

“It is refreshing and interesting to meet an ordinary guy rise to the occasion to do extraordinary things. Good job Brian.”  Rick Smith, District Manager, Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada

“Excellent examples from both personal and professional experiences. Enjoyed the balanced perspective on the importance of employing philosophy in home and work life.”  Bill Yesneick, Regional Sales Manager, N. Potomac, MS

“As an athlete I always appreciate the parallels between business and sports. Your insightful comments have reminded me not to forget to draw upon my own athletic experiences to improve my ‘business game’.  Similarly, your inspirational words have pointed out the need to ensure that my commitment remains at it’s highest level day in and day out.  Great stuff!”  Curtis Lee Smith, Director of R&D, Honeywell, Surrey, BC

“A real personable speaker. Great use of personal life experiences in relation to business and growth within ourselves and success within Honeywell Security. Nice job…Brian!”  David Welson, Technical Specialist, Coquian, BC

“Great attitudes towards success!  Good stories looped to sales motivation. Good use of changes in voice volume.”  George Lacey, District Sales Manager, Woodinville, WA

“Very good, made sense and motivational – Take aways:  How to serve; How to give; How to Practice; How to Hang in.”  David Combes, Commercial Development Manager, Springfield, MO

“On the money! Your words hit the mark!  You did your homework.”  Bob Shipman, VP of Sales, Eastern Region, Seaside Park, NJ

“6 seconds play time is very powerful. Great speaker – thank you!”  Chris Pernell, Operations Manager, Raleigh, NC

“Unique approach. Competition metaphor and true stories from the trenches really add color to the motivational presentation.  And Brian didn’t stutter at all!”  Eric Loacano, Regional Sales Manager, Honeywell-NexWatch

“Brian has a way of really making you look at your ‘inner’ self and re-evaluate your abilities and skills.  Thank you, Brian.”   Chris Williams, Sales, Raleigh, NC

“His presentation is very informative and provided excellent thought process.”  William M. Ferguson, Technical Manager, Greenville, GA

“I think the program was great.  It was very motivational. Teamwork building techniques were really good.”   Youany Lopez, Miami, FL

“Brian you awoke something in me that has been asleep for some time.  Thank you – I will think of you and your talk after.”  Brian Curliss, Product Line Manager, Honeywell Video, Surrey, BC

“Very inspirational.  You draw people in when you speak and I can say that you really inspired me.  I wouldn’t change one thing in your program.  I don’t watch football or know anything about it, but you sure made me want to learn more about it.”  Susan Barrett, Key Accounts Manager Mobile, Surry, BC

“The Q & A session is a great tool for the audience to learn what it is that make people successful.”  Brian Dieck, Product Manager, Honeywell Access Systems, Oak Creek, WI

“Very good! Thanks for keeping it real and more about tenacity and never giving up than about being #1.”  Kevin McBride, Sales Manager, Kent, WA

“Very inspiring.  Felt that Brian was telling his story for the very first time.  Has a true gift of empowering people.”  Amy Colbert, Sales Manager, ADI, Gaithersburg, MD

“I was extremely moved by your passion and intensity!  I would like to know more on how you channel your intensity in sales.  I want to awaken my promise – I feel I have intensity, but I lose focus – sometimes.”  Andy Feldman, District Manager, Raleigh, NC

“Fantastic! Very uplifting. Your story makes me want to work harder to improve my life.  Thank you.”  Frank Campbell, District Manager, Honeywell Security, Suwanee, GA

“Excellent – very inspiring – guest was a great bonus.  Even when talking about sports – you continually referenced business – very helpful.”  Murrel French, Reg. Sales Manager, Rosewood Heights, IL

“Very inspirational.  Your Christianity shows – that’s the most important thing you presented.”   Kevin L. Doyle, Regional Manager, Honeywell Video Systems, Germantown, TN

“Extremely energetic, inspiring and most enjoyable.  Brian brings ‘Real Life’ to another level.”   Al Gold, Sr. VP, Honeywell Video Systems, Bayside, NY 

“Liked the down-to-earth motivational approach – gives that ‘can do’ attitude.  Great special guest – with Karl.”   Ron Nichols, Product Manager, Honeywell, Louisville, CO

“Excellent motivator; great speaker and genuinely warm personality.”  Tibor Legath, Honeywell Access Systems, Canada

“One of the Best Motivational speakers I have heard.”  Ted Austin, Regional Technical Manager, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

“Fun, exciting, entertaining and insightful.  Full of good and positive energy. Loved it!  Great message.  Q & A period was an extra nice touch.”  Jacque Bauman, Director, Draper, UT

“I’m not familiar with American Super Bowl coming from the UK, but excellent motivation and sporting analogy for business.”  Nick Bowden, European Marketing Director, UK

“Brian is simply great.  He kept the program simple, that is made for all and his program is made for everyone.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I learned a lot.  Thank you so much.”  Alan Kravitz, Falls Church, VA

“10!” Lisa Cotton, Inside Sales Manager, Honeywell, Louisville, KY

“Very powerful program.”  Vince Adams, DM, Colleanville, TN

“This was extremely motivational and genuine – broad appeal.  Thank you!”  Judy Tasch, Marketing Manager, Syosset, NY

“Very nice transition between sports and business.   Q & A – great part of program.”  Mike Venzke, National Account Manager, Futuresmart, Draper, UT

“Very entertaining.”  Tom Sharp, Director M/S, Holbrook, NY

“Interesting and humorous.”  Athoal Paton, QA Manager, Folsom, CA

“Very good! I’ve learned that by working hard and applying yourself to great working ethics – you can take an average leader and make them great!  Excellent reminder.”  JP Lapointe, National Accounts Manager, Ademco, Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada

“Real passion!!  As a person who doesn’t watch much pro ball, you really bring it home and make it more personable – showing that there’s more to the game than brute strength.  It was great having you at dinner too!”  Ira Siegel, Regional Technical Manager, Honeywell Access Systems, Blacklick, OH

“Really enjoyed hearing about the obstacles you faced and the success you enjoyed despite them.  It is always good to keep things in perspective when you think things are tough.”  Eric Zci, National Acconts Rep.,  Elk Grove, IL

“Did not know where the Six Flags story was going, but the wrap-up was very well & made an excellent point!”  Angela Jones, Quality Manager, Lewisville, TX

“Brian I found your story very inspiring – being a Native American – I can relate.  Thanks.”   Bill Jackson, Regional Sales Manager, Honeywell Video, Big Harbor, WA

“Very interesting to hear your background and the struggles you experienced along the way – to get to where you are.”  Leticia Desiano, Trade Show Coordinator, Honeywell Security, Syosset, NY

“Great speaker.”  Jack Andruszkiewicz, RTM, Honeywell Access Systems,  Valley Center, CA

“Very Good.  Your willingness to share your time with the group is very unique and appreciated.  Not just talk and go.  Thought you could expand on your references to your child hood teacher and Grandmother’s experience.  Thanks”  Chris Pynchon N. Yearmouth, ME 

“Excellent presentation!  Many great and inspirational points; however a few points could have been better developed for transition.  For example, Grandmother’s point wasn’t fully developed until Q & A session with her vision of promise. Please don’t misunderstand.  Your presentation was excellent.  Just providing constructive feedback to make it even better!  Great job!  Good luck!!  Tony Foglia, Global Account Manager, Honeywell,  Marlton, NJ 

“I loved what you said.  I think you are right about winning teams, etc.  And I try to run a business that way.  I would love a video of it.”  Scott Simon,  Business Manager, AlarmNet,  Syosset, NY 

“It was a very good presentation.  You’re a good speaker.  There are 1 in 100 people who are ‘playmakers’ -  the other 99 are not.  Your message hits the playmakers - we hear you, we always fight to improve.  The other 99 non-playmakers miss the message and always will.”  R. Orlando, Dir. Marketing,  ADEMCO,  Syoseet, NY 

“The program was inspirational!  I really liked the mix of stories and the tie in.  This was a well executed play.”  Dean Mason,  Product Mgr.,  Honeywell Alarmnet, Syosset, NY

“An honest & real presentation with a simple message of how to work towards success as a team growing together.”  Mark Mcalduff, D.M. Welsern  ADEMCO,  West Vancouver, BC

“Very personable feel!  There is real passion in his work.”  Todd Stephan, Key Acct. Mgr. Honeywell,  Pittsburgh, PA

“Extremely motivational.  Superior energy throughout.  Great anecdotes - could use more.  Action late and engaging.  I would like more on how to be successful, goal setting, daily activating, etc.”  Carl Connelly, District Mgr., Ademco Security, W. Bloomfield, MI

“Excellent!  Great focus on ‘playmakers’ and motivation.”  Scott Harkins, Honeywell Video Systems,  Yardley, PA

“Brian is a great speaker and studied Honeywell business prior to coming.  He knows our product.  One thing that stood out to me was his quote ‘Activity without Productivity’  I will use that until I go back.  My back ground is purchasing.”  Tony Pitrelli, Honeywell, Syosset, NY

“Very passionate and encouraging.  You had me believing you could come out of retirement and play again.”  Tim Alexander, Product Manager, Honeywell, Inc.,  Falls Church, VA 

“Very humorous, informative and clear speaker. You kept the audience focused.”  June Colagreco, Director of Marketing,  Honeywell Access

“Be more specific on how you became a success.  Preparation, obstacles overcame and decisions you made.”  Matt Kruger, Sales, Honeywell, Poway, CA

“I liked the Football theme.  The conversation of two speakers was distracting.  Brian, you are a good speaker.  The way you told the stories was excellent.  Yet the message did not seem to relate to business or selling.”  Mark O’keefe,  Director of Street Smart Division, Honeywell

“It’s great learning to realize the importance of the team work through a great athlete’s perspective.”  John Park, Marketing Manager, Honeywell, Syoseet, NY

“Great job!  I found your presentation very upbeat and informative.  Thank you.”  Terry Swift,  Applications Engineer,  Honeywell Video Systems,  York, PA 

“It was a great speech!  Congratulations!!”  Alfredo E. Luciano, General Manager,  ADI Latin AmericaSan Juan, PR 

“Started slow - picked it up and pumped it up after guest speaker. Great team message.  A personal commitment required to push it to the next level.”  Terry Louthan, Product Manager,  Honeywell Video Systems,  Aubrey, TX 

“Very inspirational.  Liked telling of encouraging stories.”  Michael Spoltore,  Asst. Product Manager, Honeywell,  Syosset, NY

“Inspirational! Very good way of relating personal and professional experience to business and still make lot of sense.  I liked it.”  Kamal Raju, Engineering Mgr.,  Honeywell, Inc.,  Hicksville, NY

“Brian is a dynamic, interesting, funny and very inspirational speaker.” Mike Ferguson,  Dir. Tech. Support, Honeywell Access Systems,  Brentwood, CA 

“I found you to be both motivational and entertaining.  Your talk on how the best can continue to get better by pouring themselves, heart and soul, into it, was the part that will stay with me.”  Ray Dittrich,  VP, Sales-FutureSmart, Honeywell, Southlake, TX

“Inspirational!!” Kim Kornmaier, Key Account Manager, Honeywell Video Solutions, Thousand Oaks, CA

“Good motivation! Great salesman.”  Michel Blondin, Regional Technical Manager, Honeywell Access Systems,  St-Eustache, PQ

“Great program.  Team building is real important and the parallels to the NFL football made sense.  I never once looked at my watch.”  Nick LaBella,  Dir. of Marketing, ADI, Melville, NY

“Energetic and sincere talk from Brian.  Well done!”  Tod England, Sales, Honeywell, Dallas, TX 

“Great presentation!  Mindset and activity is not productivity. Makes see-saw example.  Playmakers all good tidbits to the home.  Thanks!” Shane Meenan, Regional Sales Manager, Honeywell Video Systems,  Chalfont, PA

“Great moving stories-we can relate to them!”  Tim Russell, Regional Sales Manager, Honeywell Video Systems,  Midlothian, VA

“Good message.  I felt that he connected well with the group using and utilizing the motivational stories of his life.”  Lucas Schiff, Product Specialist, Honeywell Video Systems, Colorado Springs, CO

“Playmakers-that’s what its all about.  Good work!  Inspiring!  Go Bears!!!” Doug Nightingale, Regional Sales Manager, Honeywell Video Systems,  Phoenix, AZ

“I enjoyed it.  Points well made.”  Ann Marie Banfi, Marketing Channel Coordinator, Honeywell Video Systems, Lewisville, TX

“Outstanding! Reminder as to what teamship is all about.”  Mark W. Bermingham, National Account Manager, Honeywell Video Systems, Arlington, TX

“Inspiring, intense and full of informative information: ‘Team Work’, ‘Never Give Up’ attitude.”  Roberto Testani, Product Line Manager, Video Group Honeywell, Surrey Prov. B.C.

“I am not a football watcher, but the way you compare business to football was great!  I am walking away feeling that I can do anything.  I too was told at 4th grade that I could not do much.”  Kate Gariulo, Inside Sales, First Alert Prof.,  Westbury, NY

“Good energy.  Nice job of tying the story to the end point.” Ken Cabler, District Manager, Honeywell Security, Lewisville, TX

“Great!  Very passionate and timely organized.  Keep up the great work!” Randy Reyne, Technical Manager, Honeywell Security,  San Antonio, TX

“Great program.  Enjoyed the presentation and the open discussion.” Alan Higgins, Sales Manager, Honeywell,  Boca Raton, FL

“Very passionate, energized and well appreciated.  Thank you.”  Steve Cigana, Technical Specialist, Honeywell, Dorval Quebec, Canada

“Was the ‘85 Patriots’ goal to win a playoff game or get to the Super Bowl?  If so, how much did it impact your teams performance that day?  With all the distractions you faced-how did you stay focused?  Very entertaining and informative.  Ready to cultivate the seeds!”  Steve Stanberry, Sales Manager, ADI  Sacramento, CA

“I really enjoyed the passion of your presentation.  Thank you very much.”  Tommy Andrade,  District Manager, Honeywell Security & Custom Elec.,  Overland Park, KS

“Thanks Brian!  Great job!”  M.G. McLochlin,  Director of Dealer Development, Carmel, IN

“Came from the heart-liked the father/daughter story.”

“A very inspiring and excellent story to tell.  Not a dull moment- keep up the good work!  Can you come up to Toronto and speak to the Toronto Maple Leafs?  They haven’t won a Stanley Cup in 37 years.”  Tim DeGroot,  Key Account Mgr., Honeywell Video Systems,  Toronto Ontario, Canada

“Excellent program!”  Dave Herrington,  Key Account Manager, Honeywell Video Systems,  Whitby Ontario, Canada

“Awesome!! Superbly done!”  Gary Thornhill, Sales Manager, Ademco/Honeywell,  E. Northport, NY

“Very well done!  Would like to see you add video from playing days.”  Jay Heffernan, Dist. Manager, Honeywell,  Longmeadow, MA

“Great program!  Love to hear form a person who has walked the walk.  Brian is one of those people.”  Kyle Leavitt,  Regional Mgr., Honeywell,  N. Andover, MA

“Great speaker!!  Such energy & passion.  Consider using video clips.”  Bret Guillotte,  Sales Mgr., Honeywell,  Ridgeland, MS

“Would like to have heard more on how to get motivated, how to harness the high of winning, what drives you.”  Mike Davis, Omnitek-A Honeywell Company,  Amherst, NY

“Good speaker, enjoyed hearing personal experiences-relating to our business.”  Lori Herder, NTL Marketing/Communication Manager, Honeywell,  Woodbridge Ontario, Canada

“Great ability to tie NFL experience to business analogies.”  Wayne Jarrett,  Sales Manager, ADI/Honeywell,  Golden, CO

“Excellent and engaging!!”  Thanks.” Don Van Wyck,  AAPS, England

“Loved the ‘real life’ stories told during the program.”  Steve Chernoff,  District Manager, Honeywell, Lake Worth, FL

“Very inspiring-especially real life/family experiences parallels to business/team building.”  Penny Farrell, Specification Manager, Honeywell Access Systems,  Riverview, FL

“Great lessons.  Find an edge to help you succeed over your competitors, no matter how small that edge may be.  Beware of changes, no matter how small and adapt quickly.”  Darren Jarvis,  Director Manufacturing, Honeywell Video Systems, Surrey, BC

“I thought it was a good program.  I enjoyed it.”  Gina Savarese,  Asst. Product Manager, Honeywell Security and Custom Electronics (Ademco), Syosset, NY

“Keep on doing what you do.  I like the fact you talked from the heart.”  Ray Bustamante,  Key Account Manager, Honeywell Video,  Irvine, CA

“Respectable, although I’ve sat through several former NFL speakers, yours seemed genuine.  Your conversation with the audience about your family experiences helped bring it all to the front.”  Nick Basta,  Product Manager, Honeywell,  Oak Creek, WI

“Very good, however, the interview with Carl took away from the flow.  Excellent message-with sports speakers always like to hear sports experience stories, but didn’t hear any today.”  Jim Filer, President, Apex, Raleigh, NC

“Positive and goal oriented.”  Chris Zaruszak, Technical Support Manager, Honeywell, Oak Creek, WI

“Excellent shared experience.”  Michel Billotte,  Int’l Sales, Honeywell Video Systems,  Loungley BC

“Great!”  Mike Falcone,  Tech. Manager, Honeywell, Boca Raton, FL

“Down to earth.  Very good  Q&A - the best!”  Rich Koriniskie, Tech Mgr., Honeywell, Stormville, NY 

“Very personal and interesting.”  Joe Sansa,  Sr. V.P.  Sales, Honeywell,  Syosset, NY

“Liked family comparison association to the ‘dream’.  Funny, entertaining and motivating.  Good job!”  Christina Kropp, Regional Sales Manager, Future Smart,  Dallas, TX

“Teamwork is your keynote:  It’s the team and how you can improve yourself and your teammates.  What can you do to be just a ‘Bit’ Better.”  Bruce Theriault,  Tech Manager, Honeywell,  Derry, NH

“Great talk,  interesting and comedic, yet right to the point.  Enjoyed!!” Brad Heckelman,  Regional Sales Manager, Honeywell Access Systems,  Mechanicsburg, PA

“Inspiring without being melodramatic.”   Joe Janick,  Director of  Sales, Honeywell Access,  Downingtown, PA

“Very informative and enforces you to take small steps to reach goals.”  Brian Abrams,  District  Mgr., Honeywell,  Lutz, FL 

“Good incorporation of Honeywell’s theme for this meeting.  Good Q & A session.”  Joe Oesterle,  Six Sigma Plus Leader, Honeywell,  Fremont, CA

“Very good motivation, good clear message.  Stories a bit drawn out, sometimes talked too soft.  Excellent message.”  Jeremy Howard, Global Accounts Mgr., Honeywell,  Orlando, FL

“Excellent energy level.  Great Q & A session.  Good examples.”  Nipesh Shah, V.P., Honeywell Int’l,  Queens Village, NY

“Energetic & engaging!  Personal stories are an engaging method to transfer learning into business, should summarize various key messages about leadership & teamwork at end to ensure people take it away.  Thanks!”  Tiffany McGee,  HR Director, Honeywell,  Brussels Belgium

“Very passionate, exciting presentation.  Great message.  Thank you!”  Brian Baldo, Director of Sales, First Alert Professional,  Surpey BL

“Your energy insight inspired me to change my mind set.  I look forward to using these new tools to capture more customers.  Well done!”  Kevin Marquess,  Regional Sales Mgr., Honeywell/FutureSmart,  Draper, UT

“Great presentation!  Very well thought out and very well related to the business world.  Entertaining & motivating.” Rosangela Kiriluscas,  Mktg. Manager, Honeywell,  Miami, IL

“Good program.  Real.  Passionate and authentic - great insight for sales.”  Steve Henening,  Mgr., Mobile-Honeywell Video

“I was fed off your energy and level of determination.  Having been an athlete I can relate to your stories.  I enjoyed hearing about both yours and Carl’s background.  I would like the program to be longer and hear more about your road to and during the Pros.”  Paul Dipeso,  Director of Sales, Honeywell Video Systems,  Abingdon, MD

“The most inspirational speech I’ve heard in over 20 years.  I will be taking a lot home to my family.  Your speech really ties in with the earlier presentations.  I will walk out of here believing in myself.”  Randy Jahn,  Regional Sales Manager, Honeywell,  Lake Oswego, OR

“Brian reinforced my belief that one person can make a big difference acting as a catalyst to refine and improve the team-an ongoing activity.”  Bill Durmo,   Product Manager, Silent Witness,  Surrey BC Canada

“My great take-away: The “Unmade Decision” -  Now I’m starting a list of them..and making them.  Great program!  Thanks!!”  James McAward, Director Tech. Publications, Honeywell,  Syosset, NY

“Very motivational-the message of never quitting over coming obstacles and teamwork is important to remind people of their potential.”  Linda Cortese,  Technical Publications Mgr., Honeywell,  Syosset, NY

“It was amazing how you compared and applied your experiences to our game in life.  It really helped me.  I am in Sales and I am father of 4 boys.”  Miguel Mejia, Regional Manager, Honeywell Security Latin AmericaMoravia, Costa Rica

“Liked analogy of team building together making changes - you got to have vision every day even when you think you are finished accomplishing goals.”  Christine Palmer, Training Manager, Honeywell Security,  Louisville, KY

“Awesome!  Very motivational and captivating.  One of the best speakers I have seen.  Loved the humor!!”  Molly Nix,  Sales, Honeywell

“Nice blend of motivational and anecdotal segments.  Found the pro-bowl (Largent, Montana, Rice) attention to detail segment, the stuff that only ‘insiders’ know, the most interesting.”  Metin Goklevent,  Engineering Manager, Ademco Division of Honeywell,  Massapequa ParkNY

“Outstanding!  Don’t change a thing!!”  Scott Berger, Global Specifications Manager, Honeywell Video Systems,  Monroe, NY

“Your presentation made me think again why we do what we do, and why we need to keep going forward as a Team.”  Thomas Gillen, Plant Manager, Honeywell Security,  El Paso, TX

“It’s amazing how winning sprit is similar whether you are in football or in Security Sales.  I liked not only the contents of the speech, but how it’s delivered:  humble and sincere.”  Yun Lee,  Marketing Manager, Honeywell,  Syosset, NY

“Very enjoyable.  ‘Activity is not Productivity’  Will help me to re-focus on the actual productivity of my activities.”  Mark Robinson,  Regional Sales Mgr., Honeywell Access Systems, Coloma, CA

“Great presentation.  Very well placed.  Thanks.”  Keith Walker, Regional Sales Mgr., Honeywell Access Systems, Flower Mould, TX

“Great translation of top level athletics to business.  Very articulate and believable.  Good combination and contrast with Carl.”  George Sousa, Director Business Development, Honeywell Access Systems, Fremont, CA

“Excellent presentation, very honest and relevant to growth.”  Gordon Hope, VP Marketing, Honeywell, Miller Place, NY

“I enjoyed the story about the father-daughter trip and how it was related back to work.  The Q&A section really struck a cord, it showed your committed personality.”  David Zakrewski, Director of Engineering, Honeywell,  Babylon, NY 

“Brian is and was focused on our group today.  Topics and methods he spoke were on target and has impacted me.”  Dale Loyd,  Tech. Training Mgr., Honeywell Access Systems,  Oak Creek, WI

“Awesome presentation.  The best I’ve seen since Capt. Coffee!”  Chris Parris,  SE Regional Tech Mgr., Honeywell Access Systems,  Laurelville, GA

“A fantastic motivator.  He inspires to look for the power in even the most negative moments and to use them toward our and their-benefits; I admire his respect for the fellow warriors no matter their past.”  Stephen Burrows,  Sales Manager, Honeywell Latin AmericaMiami, FL

“The presentation was exceptional, motivating and fluid.”  Stephen Yawney,  Product Manager, Honeywell Security & Custom Electronics,  Syosset, NY

“Powerful and inspiring - you’re champions.  Thanks!!”  Ian McCorkindale,  National Accounts Manager, Honeywell Video Systems,  Surrey BC

“Awesome!  Captivating.  Humorous.  As a huge sports fan, I appreciate the relationship between champions and business winners.  Thank you for your Insights on Success!!!”  Kevin D. McKeever,  Sales Manager, ADI,  McKees Rocks, PA

“Awesome… very moving.  One of the best speakers I have seen in a long time. Go Pats!”  Paul Martin,  Sr. Marketing Manager, Honeywell Security & CE,  Syosset, NY

“The Q & A was a highlight - should talk more about your background and how you got where you are (i.e transition from NFL to Speaking).”  Chris Geiser,  Marketing Mgr., Honeywell Security and CE,  Syosset, NY

“Awesome!  I have always been a firm believer that being part of a sports team provides you the direction and path to becoming successful in business.  It has been my team at Honeywell Future Smart that has helped me through the biggest obstacles I have had to overcome.  It is all about team effort!”  Lisa Rowland, Regional Sales Mgr., Honeywell Future Smart,  Newport Beach, CA

“Very inspiring.  I can’t wait to get back and start working on customers using our competition.  Especially the ones that have already said ‘NO’.”  Leslie Schnell, Inside Sales, Honeywell Security,  Louisville, KY

“Motivational- well delivered message targeted at our business.”  Keith Potter,  Product Manager, Honeywell Security,  Parramatta, NSW

“Fantastic and energetic program!  Sports are a wonderful analogy for what we are trying to accomplish!  Thank You.”  Alisa Lefkowitz,  General Counsel, Honeywell International, Inc.,  Syosset, NY

“Powerful and motivating speaker!  Great Job in tying your personal experience as being a champion in sports to business and family life.  Thank You.”  Margarita Natavio,  Director of Sales, Honeywell Video Systems,  Surrey, BC 

“The chemistry between yourself and Carl was excellent.  Kept the presentation ‘light’.  Great content and real life stories.  If I eventually need help with my daughter’s boyfriend, can you both come by for a visit?“  Kevin Piel, Honeywell Security,  Syosset, NY

“Very motivational—great energy!!“  Diane Rutkowski,  Exec. Director HR, Honeywell Access,  Oak Creek, WI 

“Great passion & clarity of message.  Brian did a terrific job of delivering a serious message in a very entertaining way.“  Keith Baird,  VP Sales, Honeywell Security & CE,  Louisville, KY

 “Great speech.  It was very inspirational.”  Rich Hinkson, Engineering Manager, Honeywell Security, Syosset, NY

“Very inspirational and motivational.”  Garth Denoff, RTM, Red Lion, PA

“Brian’s presentation was very uplifting and inspiring. It really hit the mark.”  Joe Conte, Technical Manager, Milford, CT

“Brian had some entertaining stories and was fun to listen to.  Go Pats!!”  John Pierangeli, New England Regional Sales Manager, Webster, MA

“Brian and Karl’s football stories were great.”  Leonard Arbor

“Excellent!”  Michael Maher, Sales Manger, Mansfield, MA

“Your presentation hit home. It was very motivational.  Keep up your good works.”  Robert Garter, Regional Technical Manager, Gadsdew, AL

“Motivating – sincere good presentation.”  Troy Bruce, Business Development Manager, Louisville, KY

“Good stuff.” Mark Ingram, VP of Business Development, Melville, NY

“The message was good.”  Tony Li, Engineering Manager, Syossett, NY

“Was not boring.  Hit on some good points such as ‘Activity is not Productivity’.”  G. Barrett, International Sales, Miami, FL

“10!” Mike Rook, Director of Operations

“Good reminder on TEAMWORK.  Very eloquent.”  Jeff Stein, Internal Communications, Honeywell, Syosset, NY

“You spoke as though you were a part of our TEAM.  Your God given desires to use your talent to inspire people is great!”  Paul Thayer, NW Tech Manager, Colorado Springs, CO

“Nice job!”  John Rathwell, Regional Sales Manager

“Good mix of blending our experience with business solutions.”  Kerry Podolsky, Syosset, NY

“Excellent tie in re: striving to be the best.  Enjoyed how you interwove football and business and life.  Totally agree with your emphasis on TEAM success – it has been a key in my sales success over the years.”  Michael Caiziz, Regional Manager, Greensboro, NC

“Great! Made me want to go back and lead my CS TEAM to new heights.  Raise the goals and motivate the best customer support ever.”  Joanie Cornett, CS Manager, Louisville, KY

“Wonderful speaker!  Great job.  Very funny and made some wonderful points.”  Daniel Stevens, RTM Northwest, Honeywell Access Systems, Santa Cruz, CA

“Brian, thanks for joining us.  You did an outstanding job.  You talked a lot about individuals on the TEAM!  That was important.” Chuck Collins, National Account Manager, Honeywell, Madbury, NH

“Great personal insight and contribution.” Karl Lingord, Director of Engineering, Ademco-Honeywell Security,  Syosset, NY

“I thought he did a great job of showing and telling people what you lack in talent can be made up in hustle...that’s what I took away from it.  Thank you.”   Rich Montalvo, RSM, Coral Springs, FL

“Brian your program was excellent, I learned from experience – it’s about the TEAM, not the be successful. Although I am a self-motivated person. I can definitely feel your energy.”  Dalchard Lawit, Direct Six Sigma Plus, Syosset, NY

“I enjoyed the program.  I believe sports are a good foundation to be equipped to be successful in life and business.”  Jim O’Laughlin, Channel Sales Manager, Honeywell Video, Falls Church, VA

“Very motivational and fun.”  Jay Kim, Sales Manager, Honeywell, Falls Church, VA

“Brian, good!...well done! Great stories.”  Neil Price, MR, Honeywell, Glouster, UK

“Very motivational!!”  Jason Lutz, DM, Springhill, TN

“Great presentation.  Passion to help us to be the best we can be comes through clearly.  Great delivery – made super by inclusion of personal anecdotes.  I am a Stanford Alumni – you go! guy! – we had same humble beginnings.  It does make you great when you see the potential.”  Jacqie Soechtig, GM, Draper, UT

“Excellent presentation. Enjoyed it very much.  Great motivational speaker. Like the way he personalized it so that each of us could relate.”  Lori Hiatt, Institutional Sales Rep., Draper, UT

“Great, inspirational & funny.  Good tie in between football and business. Love the football stories.” Scott Sturgen, Director of Product Management, ADI, Stony Brook, NY

“Great. Very personal. Good job.”  Al Lizza, Director of Marketing, Syosset, NY

“It was great on how to build a winning TEAM.  What it takes to be on a winning TEAM.”  Jim Olson, Key Accounts Manager, Honeywell

“Very strong program. Great job at relating the athletic experience to business experience.”  Susan Burns, Director, Palm Harbor, FL

“Great! I loved the Father-Daughter story.  The ‘interview’ w/ Karl Mecklenberg was different and effective.  I am fired up!  Thank you!”

Kevin Clowe, Regional Manager,  First Alert Professional, Edgewood, NM

“Very inspiring and entertaining – talking about family, makes the stories and message real.”  Barbara Coarcia, Assistant Program Manager, Honeywell, Syosset, NY

“Good program!! Applies winning principles to our workplace.”  Jim Thompson, VP Sales ADT, Parker, CO

“Enjoyed the presentation immensely! Great speaker, clear.  Enjoyed the football stories!”  Bruce Stewart, National Accounts, Honeywell Access, S. Hamilton, MA

“Great job, like the reference to faith. Wonderful positive program that pulls you in the ‘right’ frame of mind.”  Ethan Lewis, National Accounts Manager, Honeywell Access Systems, Birmingham, AL

“Great – there’s a lot of parallel between sports and sales/business.  Related it very well – especially how top people are ‘wired’.”  Ed Sanker, Reg. Sales Manager, Roswell, GA

“Wonderful and motivational, you kept it real on every level even with the stories for people who do not understand football. Very entertaining for all.”  Ada Gerding, Inside Sales Rep., Honeywell Security, Louisville, KY

“The program was very entertaining and helpful.”  April Downs, Inside Sales, Honeywell Security, Louisville, KY

“Very motivational and uplifting.  Brian is full of energy.”  Tammy Rankin, Inside Sales Rep., Louisville, KY

“I loved it.  It certainly got the energy going.”  Ron Jagmohan, National Technical Manager, Woodbridge, ON

“Inspirational, stories that are easy to relate to – powerful and fun presentation.”   Troy Riedel, Regional Sales Manager, Glendale, AZ

“Excellent delivery. Enjoyed the warm personal delivery style…terrific sense of passion. I loved the inclusion of family and spirituality. Thanks.”  John Kovach, Director of Marketing, Syosset, NY

“Captured my attention and kept my interest. Nice Job.”  Bob Barry, National Account Tech Manager, Syosset, NY

“Liked the point about making money!  Liked the point on mindset.  Teaching life experiences.”  Michael McGinnis, Technical Manager, Kilgore, NC

“Loved all the personal references i.e. father-daughter day, football, speaks from the heart, very motivational.”  Calum Keenan, Quality Manager, Lewisville, TX

“The program is insightful.  I enjoyed Brian’s take on situations in life.  If you enjoy TEAM sports, the benefits for the company – is real life, great.”   Teri McKee, Tech Support Manager, Ademco, Louisville, KY

“Great story.  Good humor.  Good fit to our program – seems you listened to us and learned too.” Brat Williamson, Manager, Brea, CA

“Great! Enjoyed and gives great motivation.”  Ryan Nichols, Technical Support, Ademco Honeywell Sec., Louisville, KY

“Brian is a great speaker, gave me a lot of thought on how to focus more on customer needs.  He is a very great motivator.”  Lynn Cherea, Tech Support, Louisville, KY

“Good message – entertaining.“  John O’Leary, VP Sales, Honeywell Process Control, Boca Raton, FL

“Very inspiring and thought provoking on inspiring others.”  Sean Dickinson, MR, Las Vegas, NV

“Terrific enthusiasm! Loved the presentation and saw the connection to our everyday business.” Jeff Rosenberg, Director of Marketing, Midlothian, VA

“I found it to be very motivational, but what I really liked was that you were really able to relate and connect with the speaker.  Great job!!”   Mike Dominquez, Honeywell Security, Engineer, Miami, FL

“It was great. It is very good to learn and be motivated through others experiences different than ours.”  Jose A. Silva, Eng. 7 Tech Support Manager, Honeywell Security, Miami, FL

“Good job of making the points clear – without much football knowledge on my end. Life-story lesson seemed real/honest – were convincing and motivational.” Ed Freemat, Executive VP

“Great story, which relates to each one of us.  Excellent speaker! Brian was right on, we are all champions. Education, trust, faith and outstanding customer service is a must – we are 1 TEAM.  We are Champions.”  Pamel Synolki, Southeast Regional Sales Manager, St. Petersburg, FL

“Very powerful and very inspiring.”  Chalei Lester, Key Accounts/Business Development, Scottsdale, AZ

“Great passion – talented speaker able to draw the parallels between sports and business while being able to avoid typical clichés.”  Mark Sheehan, Honeywell Video Systems, Rolling Meadows, IL

“Great Message! Love the stories.” Alan Whitley, Sales Manager, Memphis, TN

“Did pass the message through – gave some ideas and points to think about – built up the excitement of TEAM work.”  Dan Tysley, Honeywell Security Company, Syosset, NY