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What People are Saying

"This was a new view of the challenges of professional sports & its connection to the identical issues of business under pressure to achieve."


experian PLAYMAKERS  Bring In


The Art of Crafting Dynasties!

Experian North America
With approximately 30 years of experience and more than 30,000 clients in
North America, Experian combines our unsurpassed data with the knowledge, expertise and creativity to help companies build successful relationships with their customers. Experian also provides U.S. consumers with the tools and services to help them understand, manage and protect their personal credit profiles.

Client Feedback:

“Captivating speaker with an engaging message.”  Jim Rick, VP Finance, Schaumburg, IL

 “This was the single-best motivational program I’ve ever attended.”  Marc Fanelli, VP, Product Development, Parsippany, NJ

“He generated the BUZZ we needed!”  Janet Niane, SVP Service delivery, Darien, IL

“I thought his presentation was nicely done. The concepts were effectively communicated in an entertaining way. He has a nice tough guy/soft guy personality that shines through.”  Caryn Gray, Director, Solutions Strategy, Naperville, IL


“Entertaining and relevant.”  Terry Snyder, VP Delivery Strategy, Schaumburg, IL

“His presentation transferred his energy to 100 plus high level executives.”  Tom Pawlowski, VP Technology, Eglin, IL

“Awesome! Laughed so hard I cried – very true and inspiring.  Great reflection on business life.”

 Kim Johnson, VP Sales, Schaumberg, IL

“Passionate, Enthusiastic & Engaging.”  Jai Sanyal, Director, NY

 “Relevant message, tied it all together. Great Job!”   Peter Hopfewsperger, Sr., VP Sales, St. Charles, IL

 “Good use of Football analogies on TEAMWORK and Winning as applied to the business world.”  Guy Talbott, Director, Huntington Beach, CA

“Captivating speaker for raising your “Game.”   Lawrence J. Hughes, VP Technology, Clifton Park, NY

“Brian does a great job of translating his football experience into business practice.”   Craig Dempster, Managing Vice President, Ridgefield, CT

 “Brian was extremely motivational. He did a great job relating to our business.”  Regina Gray,  Director Customer Insight.

“Funny, Witting Meaningful with a Great message.”  Dan Buchman, Director

“Engaging, High Energy.  Nice tie-backs to apply in the work place.”

“Captivating speaker with an engaging message.”  Jim Rick, VP Finance, Schaumburg, IL

“Obviously spent some time learning our organizations culture & opportunities.” Leslie Archey, Dir of Sales, NYC,


“Very dynamic speaker that injects emotion and humor into his presentation…very motivational!”  Colleen Cooper, Director, Service Delivery, E. Greenbush, NY

“High energy, very involving.”  Alan Thompson, Naperville, IL

“Brian was very motivational and applied his comments to our business issues & challenges.”  Chandos Quill, VP Marketing, Costa Mesa, CA

“Inspired passion not only in work, but life.”  Andy Johnson, Director, Lincoln, NE

“Great delivery – very interesting.” Mike Vapunchich,  VP

“Really enjoyed the analogies and relevant tie in with our business issues – focus on what can work vs. what doesn’t work.”  10,  J. DeMarke, Director Solutions Support.

“I found Brian very engaging. He clearly understands teamwork and what it takes to truly work together effectively.”  Kathy Clough, IT Director, Palmyra. NE

“His building an offensive line greatly defined the success of how it works in our business.”  Gina Jones, Director Process Improvement, Elgin, IL

“Makes us feel like we’re on his TEAM.”   Roy Wollen, Schmg, IL

“Positive Motivator.”  George Kiebala, Rolling Meadow, IL


“Very inspiring!  The power is in all of us – thanks for helping us unleash it!  Deedee Johnson, VP Sales, Atlanta, GA

“Brian geared his talk to our business – very inspirational.”  Debbie Koons, HR Dir, Schaumburg, IL

“Brian’s heart, warmth and sincerity is as large as his physical size.”  Tery Melvin, Director of Facilities

“Brian brings real-life experience and passion to share meaningful insights into our business.”  Linda Dorman, Director, Schaumburg, IL

“Using his real life stories – which were very entertaining – be brought a compelling and powerful message that was critical four our organization success.”  Cinga Elzinga, SVP Technology, Services, Long Grove, IL

“Brian is an engaging and motivating speaker.”  Michael Durden, VP Strategic Planning and development.”

“Brian understands TEAMS and Winning. He relates personal and true life everyday examples to professional victory, very entertaining.”  Sue McDonnell, Director of Service Delivery, Schaumburg, IL

“Entertaining and Educational – took individuals and showed how doing a little extra helps the whole team.”  Steve Pentz, Dir It-DB Development, East Greenbush, NY

“Very inspirational!...great insight into basic human behavior that we very often completely overlook.”   Eric Lang,  VP Tech Svcs, Ladera Ranch, CA

“Excellent and Inspiring.”  Marc Gutchell, IT Manager, Colonie, NY

Great  TEAM Communication thoughts!”  Tom Miller, MVP, Schaumburg, IL