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What People are Saying

“Awesome! Inspiring! Not another rah! rah! speech – real & sincere.”


CWCAPITAL (Billion Dollar Commercial Giant) Sets Goal Multi-Billion Dollar Target

Pick Brian Holloway as The High Powered Catalyst to

Launch the Most Aggressive Sales Campaign in Corporate History

Here’s what they had to say about Brian Holloway, (yesterday)

“Brian is an impact player!  His energy and insight were effectively shared with us through memorable stories and concrete examples –

powerful.  The football metaphor – works!”   Michael D. Berman, President, Needham, MA


“Tearing up a dollar – what a powerful reminder that everyone on-Team decision wastes money.”   Janie Soto, VP, Senior Underwriter, Huntington Beach, CA


“Clear. Consise.  Well Done.”   Stephen Smith, VP, Needham, MA


“Brian’s  “Building a Dynasty”, program was inspiring!  He demonstrates that winning is not the responsibility of one person, but the TEAM as a whole.  It was a great presentation and I was very impressed!”  Jacolyn Sison, VP, Newport Beach, CA

“Outstanding!  More than a motivational speaker.  A production tool for SUCCESS!”  Kevin Gould, VP, Dallas, TX


“Great TEAMWORK and TEAM BUILDING.   Helps to rely on others.   Very strong motivational speaker.”


“Getting outside my comfort Zone is always a challenge for me and you inspired me to step out in order to obtain my goals.”   Bob Warren, Senior Loan Officer, Alpharetta, GA

Thank you for the reminder that my instincts are worth trusting; especially that trusting and love my TEAMMATES is a worthy endeavor.”   Sunny Worsley, Loan Officer, Bellevue, WA


“Great Passion.  I enjoyed it and believe a lot of the same philosophies…I loved the session.  Thanks for coming.”   Rob Affleck, Loan Officer, Vancouver, WA