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GURU – Brian Holloway to

Super Charge

Their Front Line PlayMakers.

Here’s what they are saying about Brian Holloway,

“High energy, positive motivating, candid and honest. His style is captivating. You cannot turn your attention off of him. Real world, real time, real life guide to success!”   Troy Fitzhugh, Area VP, Manassas, VA

“Wow. Brian got right to the roots of our challenges and provided a path to success.”  Michael. A. Hill, Regional VP Operation, Business Services, Manassas, VA

“This program is powerful, evolving, exhilarating, captivation and magnetic!!! I have never witnessed such an inspiring testimony and motivating message in my life!!  This concept is spiritual, emotional, relative, honest, believable and achievable…and this says a lot when you’ve met the “messenger” that I have met.”  Bernadine Anthony, Online Call center Manager, Manassas, VA

“Brian has brought tremendous energy and enthusiasm to our leadership meeting – what a great way to start the year!”  Lynn Howard, Director of Leadership Development, Manassas, VA

“Powerful and engaging – Passionate Presentation….”  Christine Whitaker, VP/GM, Alexandria, VA

“Articulate, strong knowledge of our business.”  Michael Hines, Regional Marketing Manager, Rockville, MD

“I too see my roles as one of helping others to be the best that they can be.  The challenge I face is sustaining the energy to remain consistently effective.  This session has been tremendous investment in ways to sustain and find new energy for the task at hand.”  John A. Malone, Director, HR, Richmond, VA

“A wonderful yet powerful storyteller.” Mahesh Dillon, regional Director of Ops, Arlington, VA

“Absolutely sensational…I will etch…”it is not what I do, rather it’s what I’m for’ in my memory for the remainder of my career.”  Ralph Centanni, Regional Sales & marketing, Manassas, VA

“Inspirational- great analogies – powerful and critical messages for leaders.” Mimi Roth, Leadership development Consultant, Ashton, MD

“A passion play of enthusiasm and motivation.” Edmund Corruthers, Regional Manger,

“Compelling” Patrick Walker, Regional Tech Ops Manager, Fredericksburg, VA

“Brian defiantly tells a simple truths...Semper Fi Brian!” Kevin Gately

“Awesome!! I played ball and can relate too…great job!!”  Jeff Heger, Director Business Operations, Manassas, VA

“Exciting & breathtaking presentation. Breathe of fresh air. Stunning confession of leadership growth that really makes you to act…to make a positive impact – to be a part of positive change.”  Oleh Voloshyn, Sr. Analyst, (Finance) Silver Spring, MD

“I get it! The connection was there!  Right on!”  Kim Laning, Call Center Sales and Retention Manger,

“Amazing energy! Right on point. Educational and entertaining.” Craig Gabrielian, Director Customer Service, Silver Spring, MD

“Tremendous energy and enthusiasm in presenting the material. But more than this – delivers the message that & I GET IT!  Very effective.”  Calvert Johnson, Director of Operations, Lanham, M

“Brian was a great motivational speaker and did an excellent job in showing the importance of TEAMWORK.”  Chris Lasler, Business Manager, Baltimore, MD

“Thank you for helping me reconnect with what I am for. Your words helped me shake off the baggage that was holding me back.  Manuel Longoria, Tech Ops Manager, Rockville, MD

“Brian was energetic, informative and on-point.”  Tiwanna Fields, HR Manager, Silver spring, MD

“Excellent presentation.” Maxin Gill, Dir of Sales and Marketing, Washington, DC

“Very motivating and great advice based on real world experience which hits home.”  Eric Schonburger, Business Services Manager,

“He beats all expectations.”  Charles Botwright, Business Manager, Fairfax, VA

“Brian’s program was insightful and caused me to look inside myself and my leadership abilities.”  Jon McDonough, Business Service Manager, Lanham, MD

“Wow!! I felt a real connection with the information shared, Brian’s level of commitment and passion was extremely motivational. This is defiantly his calling!!”  Troy d. Griffin, Sr Director of Customer Care, Manassas, VA