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What People are Saying

“A very impressive, well balanced presentation – with down to earth information and solutions.”

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Here's what they are saying about Brian Holloway:

“Very surprising. Very motivating. Worth our time today.”
Robert Van Der Wende, Broker, Little Falls, NJ

”The best eye opening presentation I have had the opportunity to listen to.”
Tom DeAngio, Broker Manger, Las Vegas, NV

“Very refreshing & honest. Clean. Candid – to the point.”
Carole Yoder, Sales Manager, La Mesa, CA

“Much more valuable than expected. He exemplifies not living based upon what they have done but on what new things you can do.”
Mickey Caruana, Part Owner, Dorie, FL

“You have changed my life as of today.”
Vincent Federico, Manager, Little Falls, NJ"

"Having never watched a complete football game --- Brian sees the big picture and is able to communicate it to you. God Bless you with continued success!”
Joyce Kelton-Smith, Broker/Owner, Mesa, Az

“Surprisingly good speech”
Stino Mikot, President Park Ridge, IL

“I’m not a sports enthusiast so I wondered what I would gain from Brian Holloway. His insight was like running full force into a linebacker – a wake up call for managers to coach their teams to greatness!”
Barbara Vincent, VP/Sales Manager, Natick, MA

“A new way of thinking. How to build a growing TEAM – takes courage to make the changes and the time is now.”
Paula Wilson, Broker/Owner, Laguna, CA

“Fabulous motivators – I got a million ideas for motivating my sales team just from listening to Brian.”
Paula South, President, Corpus Christi, TX

“Passioate. Believable. Down to Earth. Love the quote DNA of Success”
Steve Cauble, Corpelis, MD

“Very positive and inspirational message – but what made it great was how approachable and how real Brian is. He connects to dots for you – making it easy to see how points from his stories are simple clear analogies from my business and my life.”
Kenneth D. Tarmey, VP Brach Manager, Parsippany, NJ

“Brian presentation forced me to look at TEAMS in a whole new light. He teaches you how to turn TEAMS into champions. Thank you!”
Heather Jarp, Sr. Franchise Support, Mendham, NJ

“Outstanding motivation for real estate sales professional – great connection with the audience – strong foundation and expressions to the audience.”
Linda Rutledge, Regional marketing Director, Brick, NJ

“Excellent Presentation!”
Andy Hernandez, President, Lakeland, FL

“Thought provoking, inspiring, great way to analyze your existing TEAM quickly.”
Barry L. Carners, Broker/President, Longwood, FL

“Brian’s passion is awesome! I look forward to a follow through for our company.”
Juan Armanda, Branch Manager, Dunkirk, MD

“Brian keeps and hold your attention – and will cause you to think.”
Mike Beal, Owner/President, College Station, TX

“Excellent presentation – useful information along with humor.”
Judy Collins, Realtor/Assoc Broker, Relocation Director, Tuscaloosa, AL

“Inspirational & relevant. Informative”
Joe Andrew, Co-owner, Chatsworth, CA

“Thought provoking with ideas to take to the office to utilize and make our TEAM better! Thank you!”
Darlene Kovorik, Broker, Scottsbluff, NE

“Down to earth! Powerful material. Eye opening.”
Lynn Klein, Owner, Hampshire, IL

“You reminded me of Les Brown ! I loved him too! God has put you in the right vocation. W/o your past you would have the passion. God Bless You – Keep your voice Loud, Clear and above the crowd. God will Bless you all the days of you life.”
Nancy Ouellette, Broker/Owner, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“Inspiration – Vision- Love Commitment – you have it all! Thanks for sharing!”
Carol E. Schrader, Broker/Owner, Tucson, AS

“Brian enjoyed your personal stories – I agree with you analogy – the DNA of Championship TEAMS."
Douglass Lovbitt, Broker, Everett, WA

“Brian reminded me of some of the basic in building a TEAM and keeping the excitement going – thank you! I need to hear it again.”
Susan Martell, Scaffold, WI

“Not necessarily new information but a new and eye opening way of presenting.”
Vicky Kitterman, Broker/Owner, Corydon, IN

Dan Gile, Managing Broker, Winter Park, CO

"Very inspiring speaker. Thank you!!”
Rose Delgado, Territory Manger, El Paso, TX

”Simple, Clear message!”
Ruth Susnska, Broker/Owner Oak lawn, IL

“Great presentation – down to earth and real”
Jeffery Stern, Owner, How City, NY

“Very motivational and down to earth information”
Becky Willis, Broker/Owner, Jacksonville, NC

“Brian’s words confirm that the heart of business and growth is engaging the heart of your people.”
Sherry Bailey, Manager Broker, Stafford, VA

”You were right on the mark! And timely for me personally by analyzing the DNA of TEAMS thank you!"
Shirley Hooks, President, Granbury, TX

“An exciting, passionate and motivational speaker.”
Bill Hooks, CFO, Granbury, TX

“Thank you for helping ignite the passion for building not just a TEAM but a DYNASTY.”
Kathryn Bovard, Manager, Las Vegas, NV

“Very sincere and passionate delivery.”
Ellen Johnston, Broker/Owner, Southlake, TX

“Extremely motivating, fabulous energy.”
Angela Coutee, Real Estate Manager, Keller, TX

“Very personalized, powerful, short presentation. Full of inspiration, he was able to convey the spirit of winning in such a short speech – BRAVO!! Very good. He is one of the best I’ve listened to. Relationship speaker too! Magnetic.”
Soledad Almatintes, Broker/Owner, Cerritos, CA

“Inspirational and invigorating.”
Larry Perrenult, Broker, Huntsville, AL