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What People are Saying

"Outstanding speaking on change & value."

Boy Scouts of America  

Boy Scouts of America Bring In NFL All-Pro and

Former Boy Scout, Brian Holloway,

 to Rally Leaders of The Southern Region

The purpose of the Boy Scouts of America—incorporated on February 8, 1910, and chartered by Congress in 1916—is to provide an educational program for boys and young adults to build character, to train in the responsibilities of participating citizenship, and to develop personal fitness.

Here’s what they had to say about Brian Holloway:

“Brian is one of the best speakers I have ever seen.  He has a unique ability to engage the audience. I believe he had the entire room full, of over 800, fully focused on his awesome message.”  David G. Moore, Emit, AR


“Brian is a powerful speaker. If you are not moved by his presentation – you are not human...thank you.”  Royce Fox


“Program made me realize why I do what I do.  I had a Scoutmaster who would not let me get down on myself.  His message was always give back. He was one of the greatest men I’ve ever known.  We lost him 14 years ago.  I remember him fondly and often.  Thank you for bringing back great memories and helping put all in proper perspective.”


“Brian had a wonderful way of expressing love for his family and his wife.”  Eric Howell, Lubbock, TX


“Brian’s program lifted me up and challenged me to recommit myself to the values associated with being a man, father, husband and Christian. It took me back to my youthful beginnings and reminded me of how much I truly owe to scout leaders and others who have helped to shape who I am today. It made me recommit myself to picking up the torch which has been passed to me.  I am energized and renewed to tackle the problems facing our youth.  Perhaps the greatest gift I received today was the reminder that there are still doors that need to b e kicked in – but that there is a spirit which does it.   I will hold this important outreach in my thoughts and prayers.  May God Bless and continue to Bless your family and Ministry.”  Matt Trask, Orangeburg, SC


“Brian’s word reinforced my belief that we can and do make a difference.”


“You are Awesome!!  Wish that I could afford you to come speak in the black community that I serve as a white District Executive in Pine Bluff Arkansas.  I have served in this area for two years and have made a personal commitment to stay at it 2 more years.”   Jim Dean, Little Rock, AR

“Outstanding. True American, one who speaks what all Americans think inside.”

“Very inspiring and enlightening. Thank you for sharing your heart, spirit and enthusiasm.”

“You were very encouraging!  I have been inspired. God Bless You!”

“Powerful.”  John Sullivan, Clyde, NC

“I can tell Christ is in the center of his life.”  Sam McCork

“A very supportive and energetic speech – very inspiring.”

“One of the best inspirational speeches I have ever heard!!”  Lisa Lipari

“The best speech I have ever heard.” Trey Glenham, Wilmington, NC

“I found Brian’s program very inspiring.” Keith Wilson, Selma, AL

“Please keep up your work for the Scouts we need it – thank you for your program.”  Mary P. Eaderest, West Palm Beach, FL

“Brian’s message is on target for anyone who has responsibility of any kind.   In today’s “wishy-washy” world everyone needs to hear his message.”  Bill Lawrence, Mauldin, SC

“Super! What life is really about!”  Hal Donnelly, Columbia, SC

“Made me examine my faith and commitment.”

“Thank you for your message. Sometimes we think we are out there fighting the battle alone.  Your message tells us we ain’t alone.”
Tom McSwain, Alta Vista, TX

“I feel like I have had to suppress my thought and action as a man during the past few years.  Thank you for the courage to speak out! I will.” 

“One of the most motivating and inspirational speakers I have experienced.” 

“Straight talk, just like Dad did it!”

“You have affirmed my dedication to the youth of today.”  Suzanne Barrett, Lake Geneva, FL

“I do believe that there are definitely doors that need to be broken down…let’s do it!!”  

“What an inspiration for a group of people that need focus and direction.”

“A Christian Gentleman who speaks the eternal truth.”

“Brian inspires a sense of greatness, a confirmation that together we make a difference!”  J. Steven Taylor, Ashville, NC

“You are truly a champion. May God bless exceedingly abundantly for all your life.  Your brother in Christ.”  Dan Peters

“Often the players that we hear the most about in the NFL are losers as People, Mr. Holloway is not a member of that crowd.”

“Brian delivers his message straight from the heart.”  Dave Stramara, Laurinburg, NC

“Brian’s word reinforced my belief that we can and do make a difference.”

“Brian’s presentation was impactful, uplifting and empowering.   Brian is definitely a man of value and a man of God.”  Kirk Clark

“He is great – He’s God’s gift to the youth.”

“I have never enjoyed a program/speaker until today – God Bless you and your family.”  Woody Woodward, Palm Beach, FL

“Outstanding message – one that needs to be said without respects of politics.”

“Brian has an outstanding story to tell, one that will keep you glued to your seat.”

“Brian, I really enjoyed your presentation!” Keith Bobbitt, Clemmons, NC

“Brian’s message reinvigorated my spirit and reminded me why I serve the youth of America with the scouting program.” 

“Brian gave a ‘Hall of Fame’ presentation of motivation and inspiration.” Doug Cleninger, Wilmington, NC

“Inspiring. I enjoyed it very much. I could see myself in everything he said.”

“He inspires from the real perspective, and makes all feel that he is a part of us.”

“Words of inspiration to lift your spirit and give direction to your soul.”  Patrick Hefferan

“What an inspiration...will definitely motivate and empower me to continue in my work.”

“Brian is strong and motivational – he is unashamed of his faith, values and his manhood – in a ‘wish-washy’ culture that has forgotten what a man ought to be.”  Rob Green, Boynton Beach, FL

“Brian was very inspirational and extremely entertaining.”  Steve Williams, Florence, AL

“Great Job!” Les Zammiane

“Stimulating, Invigorating, Dynamic and Patriotic – above all Honest.”

“Thank you for standing for what is right and proper and Godly,”

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me – (Phil 3:14), keep it real, share the word and may God Bless You and your family.” Christy Whitehead, Sylacauga, AL

“Excellent speaker – remarkable man.”

“What an inspiration you are to us as professional Scouters to keep going when the road seems blocked!”  Terri Webb, Rockingham, NC

“Very entertaining! Thank you for reminding us why we are here, and where our priorities should be!”

“Explosive, Dynamic, Great Speaker, Certainly one of the best.”  Zack Washington, Dallas, TX

“Brian’s program has inspired me to continue to make an impact on the youth in my community, church and family.”  Tim Fuller

       ”The space given here I feel is too small and the impact too big.  I can’t put into words how absolutely moving
Brian Holloway is. God Bless, I could write a book, about how wonderful he is.”

“I have never been called a champion before until now – thank you, I have been a professional scout.”  Al Demby, Norcross, GA

“Best speaker of the conference. Inspirational, motivational – revitalized me to go out and overcome obstacles I face day to day.”  Gregory K. Brown, Clarksville, TN

“Very motivating and straight to the point!  Keep on spreading the truth!” 

“Brian is a very inspirational and thought provoking speaker who inspires, motivates and has the power to change life.”

“Brian is such a great inspirational speaker – power flows through you afterwards.”

“Very down to earth and good motivational speaker, food for America.”

“The best speaker I’ve heard with understanding to Scouting – and can speak genuinely and inspirationally.” Todd Martin, Richmond, VA

“Brian’s speech was most inspirational because it was based on reality and old school values – and the way it used to be.  He evoked memories in my upbringing.”  Dwayne Jones, Lafayette, LA

“Super fantastic, one of the most exciting speakers I have ever witnessed, God Bless You.”

“I am reminded of all that I have Quality of life – through all of life’s challenges.” 

“Awesome.” Ken Pryor, Troy, TN

“Outstanding – Good, down home values which we (BSA) stand for. Scouting is a ministry and so is what you do.”

“You made me want to be a better person.” Clarissa Escalante, San Antonio, TX

“He let us know that we have made a difference.” 

“Brian is a Dynamic Speaker. He is very motivational, inspiring and empowering. He makes you believe in yourself.  Great Presentation – God Bless.”

“Brian’s comments about all scouts being treated equally really moved me.”

“I support your stand for teaching youth that they don’t need $80.00 shoes.  I believe we can do a lot more with fewer material goods.”

“Do not give up. Follow your dream and put God first.”

“Absolutely Entertaining. When I desperately needed to use the restroom – I waited even though it hurt to make sure I heard every word. (Really!)”

“I am a spouse and a teacher of 21 years. I am sorry that a teacher spoke to you as he/she did, but I am grateful that God blessed you through a Scout. You are truly a grand speaker and I sense a dedicated Christian.”

“Thank you!  Sometime this greatest gift of love is ‘NO’.  We must all stand up for that which we believe is important.” 

“My Dad worked several jobs that would not allow him much time with me, however, I make sure I spend Daddy-Daughter time.  Thank you!!”

“To see that true character of a man you need to examine his friends...I would love to meet Brian’s friends.” Roland K. White, Tallahassee, FL

“As a soon to be father, it’s great to see a man who embodies who I want to be as a husband and father. Great job, Brian!” 

“Brian’s program will make you want to stand up and shout Amen!”

“Brian is proof that character building programs of the BSA builds the men we need to lead us into the future and overcome all obstacles.” Richard Becker

“Great encouragement to ‘stand where the gale winds blows the fiercest’.” 

“Thank you for your message and faith.”  Clint Scharff


“Great motivational Speaker. Energetic, Mesmerizing. It was great to hear someone one who is not afraid to say what he means.”

“Unlike most people that are motivational speakers, Brian actually motivates.”

“Inspiring and thoughtful for Scouting and Scouts.  It was good to know Brian appreciates those who give of themselves.”

“I thought that Brian was great. He had my attention the whole time.”

“Your message has the Vision we all need today.”

“As a Special Ed teacher – I want to take Brian’s message back to my students.  Don’t give up – they too can achieve.”

“Brian delivered a fantastic message!  Great motivator – Awesome!”

“Great!” Bill Lesshafft

“Outstanding testimony about overcoming obstacles and how to make a difference in your marriage.”  Dr. Melvin Stockson

“Great program!!  Spoke on topics I could relate to.”

“Brian’s program is one of the most enjoyable presentations that I have seen in a long time. He is one of God’s chosen messengers.”

“He stirred up passion, courage and the need to take charge and preserve! Awesome!” Michael Dames, Miami, FL

“I know he is exciting, fun more importantly, and sincere with a good message.”

“Scouting has helped me to stand up for what’s right – step forward!!” 

“Very inspiring and thoughtful – and funny as well.”

“Brian’s life experiences instilled hope and pride in my possibilities.” Scott W. Wonzel

“Inspirational! The power of Brian’s conviction and passion is contagious.  He exemplifies the faith and hope in my professional importance.”

“Brian’s program was an inspiration. It took me back to my own difficult childhood and the difference sheer perseverance made in my life.”  Michael R. Miller

“Thank you for the message – it was real inspirational.”

“A powerfully moving speaker – articulate and inspiring.”

“I too have Dyslexia and was told by a prominent Doctor that I was not going to amount to anything. I too strived to become the best I could and look where I am today. A college graduate and husband of a wonderful lady and District Executive here in Tennessee.  Thank you so much for your great talk.”

“I too was in Special Ed and had people tell me I was stupid and retarded. I would never go to college.  I received my MBA with a 3.67 GPA.  God Bless those who say you can’t and those that say you can – keep telling people they can.”

“Thank you for helping to change the lives of youth – and your support of Scouting.” Karen Ellis, OK

“I’m from Tuscaloosa, AL, and I really enjoyed his talk very much. I feel I have a lot in common with him.”  Patrick Ellis, Demopolis, Al

”Had comedy with an inspiring message – I thought Brian did an excellent job.”

“Outstanding, Brian talks from the heart.” Chad G. Greer, Spring, TX

“Brian’s speech was highly inspirational. Brian’s genuine approach should spread across our country.”

“Brian is a special type of speaker he makes you think about what is really important.  Crystal Heard, Kenner, LA

“A very uplifting presentation by a very dynamic man.  Right now I feel I can take on the world.  Thank you!!”  Valerie and Will Arnold, Lake Charles, LA

“Excellent, one of the greatest motivational speakers that I have ever witnessed. Definitely someone I would like to hear speak again.” 

“Please contact the Costal Empire in Savannah for a possible speaking opportunity – the contact person is Craig Acres.”

“You were great. Your message was powerful and uplifting.”  Cassandra Washington

“Great program. Very moving and inspirational.”

“What you have is not learned it comes from the heart – from a great

program and my Dream has come true to serve!!” James Parnell

“Awesome!”  John Mitchell

“One of the most moving and inspirational moments of my life.”  Pat Craven, Galveston, TX

“I enjoyed the program. I am not a fan of football, but your analysis makes it exciting. I think the work you do is phenomenal.”

“Brian’s message of overcoming adversity and doing – not what’s good, but what’s the best – resonated in my soul.” Kevin Beirene,

“Awesome, straight talk straight from the Heart – this is exactly the message that USA needs to hear.” 

 “Brian is very inspirational, entertaining and mindful of making a positive impact on others.”