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What People are Saying

“Very thought provoking and Inspiring!”

Bank of America

Brian Holloway Inspires Another Fortune 500 Company

Bank of America


“Brian was very inspirational – Great to see a strong figure that is diverse – deliver such a powerful message – thanks Brian, I’m proud of you.”
Tom B. Barnett, Bank of American, Senior Vice President

Here’s what Bank of America’s top performers had to say:

“Outstanding Speaker.” “Interesting, nice touch to include family moments within speech everyone can relate to the story/lesson.”
Pat G. Leavers, Bank of America, Admin. Assist, Charlotte, NC

“Inspirational. I really enjoyed listening to Brian.”
Jai R. Dorsey, Bank of America, Vice President, Charlotte, NC

“Realistic, Powerful, Champion motivator.”
M. Roth, Bank of America, R & D Credit Manager, Greenbelt, MD

“Great speaker and I like how you worked your sports and fatherhood examples in illustrate your point.”
Doug Lang, Bank of America, AVE, Charlotte, NC

“He is/was an energizing, dynamic and inspirational presence and addition to an offsite – it should have lasted longer.”
Merri White, Bank of America, Charlotte, NC

“Engaging, I listed intently and felt great about Brian’s TEAM building message.”
Robert Leighton, Bank of America, VP Sales Manager, Carrollton, TX

“Awesome and Inspiring.” “Extremely moving and inspirational.”
Renee Murphy, Bank of America, VP New Product Development, Phoenix, AZ

“9 – Wonderful! Keep inspiring people – I enjoyed your talk very much,”
Susie Daly, Bank of America, Vice President, Charlotte, NC

“Good speech with great enthusiasm.” “Uplifting & Truly motivating!”
Phyllis Tuosing, Bank of America, VP, Charlotte, NC

“Brian was a truly inspirational and insightful presenter. He embodies the spirit of integrity and leadership that both our associates and customers demand from Bank of America.”
Edee Fuller, Bank of America, Card Services Marketing Manager

“Totally Inspirational!! You truly have a gift!! You reminded us that each of us can make a difference for our TEAM.”
Patrick Schwaner, Bank of America, Marketing Product Manger, Chesapeake, VA

“Brian made sense of what my company does everyday.”
Keith Larson, Bank of America, SVP, Phoenix, AZ

“One of the most wonderful speakers I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing! Wonderful!!”
Tanya Helms, Bank of America, Executive Assistant, Charlotte, NC

“It is great to hear such an inspirational talk from a true leader! – Fantastic, great personalization with stories1 would love to hear more.”
Tya Young, Bank of America, Vice President, Charlotte, NC

“Great speech capturing TEAM dynamics & how they can be effective.”
Ashlay Hardy, Bank of America, VP, Charlotte, NC

“Excellent – I feel energized and focused on doing the right thing.”
R. Nelli, Bank of America, VP, New Product Support, Charlotte, NC

“A pleasure to listen to – very energetic and entertaining program”
Laura Spain, Bank of America, AVP

“I really enjoyed the speech – a really neat guy!”
J Lisman, Bank of America, Program Manager

“Very motivational and convicting.”
Michael Ruiz

“Brian is our First Round Draft Pick – great! Not too long – left on a high note.”
James R. Sobo, Bank of America, SR-VP

“Very dynamic and motivational.”
Sally Stiter, Bank of America, VP Marketing, Charlotte, NC

“Heart felt, highly motivation, inspirational! I thoroughly enjoyed Brian – great job Brian”
Rhonda Long, Bank of America, Officer, Charlotte, NC

“Really makes my hope that we continue to grow and put individuals difference behind us.”
Jim Anthony, Bank of America, Vice President, Business Planning, Charlotte, NC

“What an inspiration – great analogy from football to corporate TEAMWORK”
Diane Poulos, Bank of America, Charlotte, NC

“Wonderful speaker! Great energy, humorous. Clearly and consciously illustrates his message – you should write a book, if you haven’t already!”
Losa Martia, Bank of American, Marketing Analyst, Phoenix, AZ

“Tremendous!! Brian really got me to think about my day to day effort on the job.”
Brain Lambert, Bank of America, Marketing Information, Charlotte, NC