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What People are Saying

“Good Speech”

Auto Finance

Brian Holloway  Takes Automotive

GIANT – AFC To A Higher Level in

The Billion Dollar After Market Industry

Here’s what they are saying about Brian Holloway

“Great enthusiasm. Presented good analogy and examples for having teamwork. I will leave here with more motivation to work smarter” 

“Honestly you hear motivational speaker and you instantly think I am going to be bored out of my mind but I had a real big surprise.  I was into what he was saying and I wanted Brian to speak longer. I learned a lot from him about TEAMBUILDING and also football.”  Felicia Coleman, Accounts Payable Specialist. Indianapolis, IN

“Brian refocused me on the importance of all the TEAM players having different thinking styles.  You “WOWED” us.” Tammy Barton, Office Manager, Andover, KS

“Very true and relevant to my personal and professional life – outstanding.”  George Dixon, Branch Manager, Cheektowaga, NY

“Best football conversation a woman’s ever had.”  Lisa Brennan, Branch Manager-Phoenix, Glendale, AZ

“Excellent – very motivational!”  Lunell Gilley, Branch Manager, Broken Arrow, OK,

“Brian really inspired me to face the odds. He clearly showed us that you can take the path to success; it’s your choice.”  Silvia Espinoza, Branch Manager, Bradenton, FL

“I could have done….stuck on stupid….thank you…Very amazing story.”  Wynona Osborn, Branch Manager, Discovery Bay, CA

“The strength of the presentation is the focus on TEAMWORK to attain goals – the ability to work together can overcome possible weakness and result in better, efficient work.”  Frank McCullough, Branch Manager, Yaphank, NY

“Very upbeat, powerful message on TEAMBUILDING & business profitability.”  Bill Engle, Branch Manager, Knoxville, TN

“Brian was able to bridge the gap between NFL Football and corporate American in a fun, practical, hands- on way.”  Mike MacDougall, Branch Manager, Winnipeg, MB

“A true message to make a difference.”  Eric Hurst, Branch Manager, Belleville, IL

“Inspirational by life’s experience.”  Adrian Higgins, Branch Manager, Hilliard, OK

“Very talented speaker – with great content!”  Duane Laux, Branch Manager, Nashville, TN

“Passionate, very good, Informative – practical information to put to use.”  Patrick Reinke, Branch Manager, New York Mills, MN

“It was the most enjoyable and informative speech that I have listed to.”  David Lusk, Branch Manager, Lino Lakes, MN

“Strong impact – excellent presentation great at sending a message and making it clear as to what you need to identify and how to react.”  Jason Cook, Director of Sales, Peoria, AZ

“Learning to respect the work and personality – differences of others was very eye-opening.”  Jamie Phillips, Branch Manager, Toledo, OH

“Inspiring, a real team motivator.”  Jim Gaskell, Branch Manager, Moline, MI

“As informative as he was entertaining, Brian held our attention and left us all motivated and ready to become even greater PLAYMAKERS.”  Chris Hedley, Branch Manager, Mira Loma, CA

“Brian’s program is uplifting and exciting. He does a great job of simplifying and focusing on what is important to succeed.”  Tabal Shaban, Branch Manger, Hudsonville, MI

“Funny, informative.”  P.J. Goben, Corporate Investigator, Greenwood, IN

“Great story teller, wonderful insight on life as a leader and stores from the NFL.”  Mark Holley, Branch Manager, Louisville, KY

“Personal funny stories with a serious message.”  Lee Legrand, Branch Manager, West Des Moines, IA

“A very strong message at the perfect time.”  Darren Lewis, West Palm Branch Manger, west Palm, Fl

“Brian’s ability to link the reality of Life, Family, Sports and Business success to the need of building a successful TEAM in incredible.”  Steve Roper, Branch Manager, Halifax, NJ

“Sharing real life contributions with his TEAM – Teamwork, attitude, communication key make-up in success.”  John Murray, Branch Manager, Ayr, Ontario,

”Brian’s football taught me every lesson my parents were unable to explain at time…God I loved playing….God Bless!”  Tony Prushinkisk, Branch Manager, (Phil),
Royersford, PA

“Awesome and very inspiration. He’s a well rounded grounded, superstar who I am grateful to hear.  He knows his roles as a leader and father.”  Steve Ashmore, Branch Manager, Statesville, ON

“Brian’s presentation was captivating – layered with life, personality and motivation.”   Tom Reid, Branch Manager, Ajax, Ont

“Very engaging speaker with a great personality.”  Alonzo L. Gainer, Branch Manager, Orlando, FL

“Brian’s presentation is verbal adrenalin – rush!”  Susan Colbert, Corporate F & I Manger, Carmel, IN

“A very enjoyable motivating experience – thank you!  You are a breath of fresh air!”  Danyelle Weir, Branch Manager, Grand Rapid, MI

“Inspirational—Motivational – Educations!!”  Gordon Rogers, Vice President AFC, President, Masterpiece Ministries, Lebanon, TN

“I was truly motivated, even wanted to play ball again!”  Jeffrey T. Wood, Director of Sales, Cowarts, AL

“Excellent approach and examples.”  Len Freeze, Corporate Investigator, Indianapolis, In

“This was an outstanding presentation on TEAMWORK.”  Steve Smith, Branch Manager, Lititz, Pa

“Outstanding presentation mixed with real life situations, humor and passion -- involves the audience while challenging each member to be a PLAYMAKER.”   Ken Suprenant, V. P. Sales, Indianapolis, IN

“Biggest item to take away from this – Don’t get stuck on stupid!”  Jeff Lathan, Manager, Director of Sales, Byron, NY

“Great analogies and visualizing.” Kevin Kopp, Corporate Acct Manager, Carmel, In

“Great! Pointed out things about myself & others I never thought of.”  Randy Bates, Branch Manager, Arlington, TX

“Extremely powerful and an awesome message!”  Mark Hallstead, Branch Manager, Billings, MT

“Incredible insight on business perspective and TEAM Building – thoroughly enjoyed the presentation.”  Sam Othus, Branch Manager, Beaverton, OR

“Brian has made me feel empowered invigorated, I can’t wait to share this experience with my TEAM.”  Shelley Coppola, Branch Manger, Rockford, IL

“Great Speech. Definitely made me think about how I can utilize my Team’s skills to propel my branch forward.”  Carrie Padsadley, Branch Manger, Zionsville, TN

“A great awakening of what it within me!”  Scott E. Drehs, Director of Credit Services, Noblesville, IN

“Brian’s program is practical, inspiring from the heart experience easily relatable to TEAMWORK and commitment in life & business.”  Jerry Bose, Senior Collection Manager, W. Olmsted, OH

“Given the multiple locations including the corporate office “TEAMWORK” is at times forgotten. Hearing you motivates all of AFC to keep in mind we are a TEAM and will be better if we remember that where one might lack something the other can help, As a group we will succeed….Very Good…Erick Wright, Corporate Counsel, Brownsburg, IN

“Great presentation. Valuable Life changing information.”  Jackie King, Branch Manager, Jacksonville, Fl

“I enjoyed the program thoroughly. I learned to not let my past define my future…I look forward to getting back in the fight.”  Gene Boyd, Branch Manager, Collierville, TN

“Refreshing to see such a shining example of intellectual and professional superiority from an unusual source…excellent!”  Chuck Comeaux, Regional Manager, Maurice, LA

“Excellent program.”  S. Raines, AFC

“Very passionate, interesting and motivating speech.”  Nadine Cosentino, Regional Manager, St. Laurent, Canada

“A man who has truly been blessed and gifted from Jesus who loves him dearly.”  J. Byrd

“Positive, good, relative to life.”  Kevin A. Smith, Branch Manager, Core, WV

“I know nothing about football yet I was truly inspired.”  Sheri Muir, Branch Manager, Maple Ridge, BC

“Brian is by far the most inspiration speakers I have every heard in my life. I will take his words with me throughout my life personal and business.” Blake Hunter, Branch Manger, Frederick MD

“Wonderful! Loved it. Really enjoyed the football analogies.”  Sarah Lutely, Special Assignment Mgr, Fisher, IN

“Excellent presentation. The perspective of building a frontline as it related to us was unique. Thank you!”  Jason Pate, Branch Manger, Houston, Montgomery, TX

“Brian has a fabulous ability to make you feel like a successful NFL PLAYMAKER!  Entertaining, energizing and motivating!”  Cliff Dawkins, Branch Manger, Atlanta, TX

“Profound and sincere – hit me right between the eyes.”   Layner Epperson, Branch Manager, KEP, AR

“Excellent and Motivating – perfect timing for this stage of my life.”  Dee Milligan, Branch Manger, Cumberland, RO

“Fantastic, very entertaining, informative relative to every day life in the office or home about working as a TEAM & Family.”  Michael Buzzanca, Branch Manager, Doylestown, PA

“Heart felt and moving message – that inspires all to greatness!”  Gina Robinson, Regional Manager, VB, VA

“Excellent program! Not only did I love it…but you could tell the group did as well. On point & relevant.”  Joel Garcia, General Counsel, Carmel, IN

“Great presentation!”  Tim Ivery, Branch Manger, Greensboro, NC

“Great program!  Full of Personality!”  Diana Mills, Branch Manager, Natick, MA

“High energy, articulate & kept all in touch, in tune to achieve PLAYMAKER status.”  Mark Lehman, Corp. Investigator, Nineveh, IN

“Awesome speaker – motivates you to be the PLAYMAEKR you know you can be.”  John Lazor, Branch Manger, Aurora, OH

“Very good presentation. Being an ex-football player, he helped me related with my inner process…electrifying!!”  Glen Aiken, Branch Manger, Lemhi, Ut

“Great blending of the business and sports world.”  Jeff Easterling, Branch Manager, woodruff, SC

“Very good illustrative of “Building a TEAM” – the complexity, the personalities, the difference and all focused – and why TEAMWORK pays off!”  Phil Walton, Branch Manager, Pittsford, Mineral Ridge, OH

“Very good information, great values about life issues…TEAM BUILDING efforts….God Bless you and your family.”  Mark Doise, Branch Manager, Jennings, CA

“I life the phrase “Stuck on Stupid” Ed Andrews, Branch manager, Hattiesburg MS

“The term PLAYMAKER will never mean the same again…Brian grabbed my attention, took me on his ride and renewed my enthusiasm for the next game.”  Jack Cohen, VP of League/Collections, Carmel, IN

“Stuck on Stupid”….how moving – how great to succeed – it was the same experience that I encountered wit my son.  He has succeeded wit the same determination!”  Mary Jordon, Yorktown, VA

“Brian’s presentation was very exciting and motivating…”  Sally Ann Avalon, Branch Manager, Crofton, MD

“Very inspiring – I loved hearing about Father/Daughter experience.”  Kathy Purks, Director of Sales, Avon Lake, OH

“Brian’s speech was inspiring – it was interesting to see how he incorporates many of life’s experience – family, work, relationships – into a common theme.”  Frances York, Sr. Corporate Paralegal, Carmel, IN

“Energetic. Moving!” Jeff Widhilm, COO

“Incredibly honest and real!”  Margot Hanulak, Vice President of Special Projects, Indianapolis, IN

“The offensive line analogy as compared to life and business was absolutely fantastic!”  Traci Meredith, AF &

“Even though we are not in a sports related field – Brian found and showed us the connection to our world and what we do everyday. Amazing!”  Micki Whalen, Branch Manager, Denver, Co

“Realistic and helpful analogies.”  Claudia Ponce, Branch Manager, Norwalk, CA

“Inspiration goes so FAR! forget this at times.”  M.Leanter

“I loved your presentation – you are awesome.”  Jori Herring, Branch Manager, Wathena, KS

“A very animated and illustrative interactive event.”  Joe Carusella, Branch Manager, St. Eustace, Que

“Brian was very thought provoking and engaging.”  Greg Krueger, Branch Manager, Auburn, WA

“Brian…was very upbeat and interesting – very well presented.”  Al Mosca, Las Vegas, NV