Stanford All American '81

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Visioneering Productions
What People are Saying

“Brian related his experiences to our business very well. He is an exciting and enthusiastic speaker!”


ADT Brings In NFL All-Pro, Brian Holloway For

Celebration of Champions – Unleashing The

Passion of The PLAYMAKER!

Here’s what they are saying about, Brian Holloway


“Very Good Presentation Of Material.

You Reached Me As A Part Of Your Audience.  I Like The Way You Tied Each Personal  Story To Each Other.” 

“I Thought The Talk Was Great!!!

Thank You Very Much!” Michelle Phillips

“Very Very Good!” Barry Joseph

“Good Talk!”  Tom Triplett

“Very Motivational, Thank You!” 

James Balowen

“Very Easy To Listen To. 

Clear. Good Examples.” 


“Thanks For The Information.”

Robert Herrera

“Excellent Communication As We Are

Getting “Tipsy” On This Yacht In

More Ways Than One!”

“Great Speaker!  Donna Buckner

“For The Fact That You Were A

 Star On The Field Of Football And

Now A Star In What You Are

Doing Is Very Inspiring.”

“Great Presentation!”  

Aaron Davidson

“Good Speech!  Best Point Is Going Beyond Your Comfort Zone – Doing More! Changing.”   Steve Emery, San Mateo, CA

“Your Presentation Was Very Energizing.”  Steve Meriwaki

“Thank You! Quite Enjoyable. 

Go Raiders!”  Robert DeLesle

“Your Speech Was Very Inspirational – Especially Since You Used Your

 Own Personal Experiences.” 

Arlene Caas

“Great” Tom Winega

“I Loved It!” 

“Very Inspirational – No Slow Or Down Points.  Thank You!”  

Bryan Davis

“It Was Great!...Thanks!”

Jon Morris